Individual Online Sessions

€ 160/ h

Intuitive Online Healing/ Coaching Session,

perfect if you seek:

  • a direct answer to a particular question

  • clarity on a particular theme, issue or subject

  • a symptom relief from falsely held beliefs or behaviors

  • want to experience my Christ nature and how this changes you 

Monthly Bundle: 4x Online Sessions

€ 480   save €120

4x weekly Intuitive Online Sessions,

perfect if you seek:

  • throat chakra healing ("to speak more your truth")

  • personalized Adult-Sex Education

  • comprehensive Child Sex Education for your son or daughter

  • to explore a bigger theme to get through to the cause of things

  • support and guidance within challenging life periods or cycles

  • a intimate 1:1 session (pre-requisite) 

  • to birth and improve your own Christ nature (pick up your cross and walk)

Quarter Year Bundle: 12x Online Sessions

€ 1200  save 720

12x weekly Intuitive Online Sessions,

perfect if you seek unconditional love, stability, trust and commitment for:

  • in depth healing processes

  • life changing transformation

  • ongoing supervision, support and guidance to embrace your unique Christ nature

  • preparation for a intimate 1:1 intensive retreat