1. Private Sessions

Aug 2019 Ed, TV Producer

Kai is like a magician, a miracle worker who can see the truth in you and help you to see your own truth, strength and courage too.


Before working with Kai I was trapped in a pattern of avoiding relationships, feeling anxious about work and about life. He has helped set me free from myself, free from my own prison. Before I was running away from life, now I feel like I am running towards life and taking what I deserve.


I greatly valued the energy that came from him, making me feel like anything was possible, and was blown away by how much change I made in just a few sessions. He has a rare gift that gave me new perspectives on things and challenged me in ways other therapists just never have. Instead of allowing me to stay stuck as a victim, he helped, encouraged and called me out when needed to push me on to discover that I am far more than the story I have been telling myself. It was an ideal combination of hearing what I needed to hear, being listened to and understood, and being set invaluable "homework" tasks and goals between sessions that massively helped me grow. It felt like waking up having been asleep for years.


I went to see Kai for two sessions as I had been struggling with intimacy and sexuality for all my life. From the moment I met Kai, I felt completely safe and accepted. N from Dublin

Thank you Kai for journeying with me through an important time of growth and healing in my life. Sandra


In the beginning It was hard to even admit that there was a problem, I was struggling with PE (premature ejaculation). I felt lost with no hope of overcoming it, the conventional methods I had found of numbing creams etc didn't work. Kai opened up a world of understanding, acceptance & sexual freedom. He gave me the tools I need to guide my journey & showed me a path to feel my way into more pleasure & self discovery. Kai is one of the most important people to come into my life. He has changed my life forever. Thanks Kai.


I am 35 years old and a very sexual person. When i discovered I had managed to generate a problem with ED (erectile dysfunction) I was extremely worried. I spoke with Kai about my situation over a 1.5 hr consultation. He helped me to realise that I had given my power away due to an overpowering ex. Once we got to the "route" of the problem he advised some reconnection techniques to help me to become owner of my own balls again. This conversation 3 days ago. I spent 2 days and nights reconnecting to myself and last night my girlfriend and I had the most amazing and steamy night of passion I have had since I was in my twenties. A.

2. Workshops: Solo Tantra

If anyone out there want a truly life changing experience!!! Do a weekend with Kai, he is blessed with a very special gift. Christo Steenberg


Thank you Kai. You provided a space for me to step into my power. Tanya


Now I feel that my life will change and I am replacing shame, guilt, and depression with joy, pleasure and love. This workshop is much needed in Ireland. Chris Reid 


Kai's work is highly effective, transformative and therapeutic.  Chris, Dublin, Male 52.


Amazing privilege to have been a participant in this workshop. Paul, Telecoms Engineer, Dublin


I have just experienced the most beautiful self-loving few days in the hands of a truly beautiful and gifted, present, honest, challenging facilitator. Sinead Gallagher


I am writing this sitting in my nest in circle, on my towel after having the most incredible whole body orgasm which I made myself! Goddess, 50 - post hysterectomy, reclaiming my power WoW!


An amazing weekend Kai - Thank you for facilitating. The personal transformation and experience is almost indescribable with words. From the release of shame, guilt and anger to the for me, life changing experience of Self-Trust, plus the amazing shifts in others during the 2 Days. Joe Fox


This has been the best workshop I have attended. Kai created a safe environment to explore our sexuality. He aloud us the freedom to chose! I urge those looking for a workshops to heal the wounds of sexuality and of being a human being, book this workshop. May God give you the strength to attend this workshop, the path after this workshop, is an exciting one to be on. Dermot McCarthy. Dublin 2016

There are so many great tools in this course for releasing negative emotions and Kai has a great talent for coaching these. I went into this weekend, afraid to say "I'm gay" and I had so much shame about self pleasuring. By the time we had finished the weekend, I was able to claim back my own power and be who I am truly meant to be. Edward 43