Sat 18. + Sun 19. May (9am - 6pm)

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For whom is this workshop?

Solo Tantra is for anybody (singles & couples of all ages) who comes with an open heart and mind. No matter what level of experience or even shame and guilt you may hold - You are all very welcome, no matter what level of comfort, age, race, sexual preference and/or orientation.

Why doing this so personal work in a group setting?

Human sexuality has been shamed for hundreds, even thousands of years to control people, suppress personal power and assure the functioning of an agenda based society (patriarchy/ catholic church). Shame is the silent "killer" (as it needs secrecy, silence and judgement) that robs us of our human spirit and free expression, that makes us retract and retreat into the safety of our four walls, into our minds, out of our bodies, into separation and into unworthiness. When we make a conscious effort to bring normality, communication and transparency into the world of human sexuality we find that we are all sitting in one and the same boat, ie. dealing with the same issues. In a group we can be seen, heard, and can express openly our needs, desires and fantasies maybe for the first time freely, without judgement and without the fear of rejection or abandonment. In this container of unconditional love, empathy, compassion and acceptance for any individual's desire to express life fully, shame cannot survive and we open up to a new experience of what it means to be free.

What will we be doing at the workshop?

The workshop is structured to allow the participants to connect to their bodies first, to open their heart and feel safe so that sexuality can be explored from a point of being, healing, growth and certainty (free choice) rather than terror, uncertainty and being a victim without choices, consent and boundaries.


SOLO TANTRA guides you through a journey: 

- from feeling to expressing,

- from being fully clothed to nakedness (optional),

- from bodily stillness to physical activity and expression,

- from being in your own space to be seen, witnessed and to witness others.

What is the benefit in taking part?

  • The real gift of having experienced and shared the exercises in this workshop with your brothers and sisters is that you will be much more present, consciously aware of yourself and with an open hearted and non-judgemental access to your body, that is free(er) of shame and guilt, has less resistance to engage with it and knows that you have tools available if unwanted emotions flare up from within yourself. It basically eliminates fear of your own body and puts you into a position of being in the driving seat (position of power).

  • You will have a greater understanding of mindful self-pleasure/ loving practice and how to improve your own capacity for embodiment, to feel more,  more ecstatic states, more sensations, more pleasure, more joy and deeper orgasms.

  • You will have taken reference points from the experiences what it feels like when you are fully embodied, let go of any co-dependency and are a whole human being that is perfect, pure and unique in its own right.

  • You will have experienced a place of freedom to be whoever you are - to be loved unconditionally (mainly by yourself!)

  • You will have improved a strong sense of your own boundaries, consent and limitations and will be able to communicate them when required.

  • You will have gained important tools and exercises for being able to become self-responsible for your own experience of life and manifest your own destiny.

  • You will be able to start, deepen and accelerate your spiritual journey - in mind, body and spirit.


Bonus: 10day Secret Sharing & Support Forum

After the workshop, a secret Facebook page will allow each participant to build even more momentum by finding support and by sharing their own daily Solo Tantra Practice experiences with the group for continuous learning on all sides. By sharing our deeply intimate self-love/ pleasuring experiences with each other, there is certainly no room left for shame and guilt to hold you back any further. After that - enjoy your freedom!

A last word,

our quality of life is destined by the level of Self-Love and Self-Compassion for being who we truly are. The feminine force within all of us is in today's society very much suppressed, neglected and even shamed, as the feminine aspects is powerful beyond measure with her vision, intuition and inner knowing. Without being, self-loving, nurturing and self-compassionate towards self, man will do (masculine) anything to achieve a sense of being good enough and being worthy of love and connection by asserting mainly the masculine powers that are creating results, but also so much destruction. 

Man becomes competitive and goal orientated in a mission to achieve the validation through external factors, ... mostly with short lasting results! Just to enter a spiral of trying to be even more successful, earn even more money, look even younger etc.

"And when her light is awakened, she will bring back the world into harmony and balance."

Llerwellyn Vaughen-Lee


If anyone out there want a TRULY LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE PLEASE!!! Do a weekend with Kai - words cannot describe the emotional healing that this group went through this weekend! Kai is blessed with a very special gift. Christo Steenberg


This practice has brought me into a new energetic understanding of myself. I feel 'earthed' and alive. I recommend this experience for anyone. Tanya


This workshop was a wonderful joyful weekend. Now I feel that my life will change and I am replacing shame, and guilt, and depression with joy, pleasure and love. This workshop is much needed in Ireland. Chris Reid 

I recommend Kai Helmich. His work is highly effective, transformative and therapeutic.  Chris, Dublin, Male 52.

Amazing privilege to have been a participant in this workshop. Paul, Telecoms Engineer, Dublin

I have just experienced the most beautiful self-loving few days in the hands of a truly beautiful and gifted, present, honest, challenging facilitator. Sinead Gallagher


I am writing this sitting in my nest in circle, on my towel after having the most incredible whole body orgasm which I made myself! Goddess, 50 - post hysterectomy, reclaiming my power WoW!


An amazing weekend Kai. The personal transformation and experience is almost indescribable with words. From the release of shame, guilt and anger to the for me, life changing experience of Self-Trust. Joe Fox


This has been the best workshop I have attended. Kai created a safe environment to explore our sexuality. He aloud us the freedom to chose! I urge those looking for a workshops to heal the wounds of sexuality and of being a human being, book this workshop. May God give you the strength to attend this workshop, the path after this workshop, is an exciting one to be on. Dermot McCarthy. Dublin 2016


In this structured, experiential 2-day workshop I invite anybody on a heart-centred exploration into deep embodiment and to their fullest potential through self-love practices. 

Sexual Energy is the creative force that drives every living object towards its purpose. My aim is to provide accurate non-judgemental and shamefree Sex Education so that this creative energy within all of us can be accessed again, grown and harvested to great benefit to the individual and to our society.

At all times participants are empowered to make their own choices to participate only to a certain degree or not at all to take part in any of the somatic learning experiences that are being offered. Your sense of honouring your own boundaries, limitations and comfort-levels are of utmost importance. Actually to say NO can be your biggest learning experience! Conscious Sexuality can only be explored by feeling safe, secure and fully honoured in their own dignity. All exercises are solo activities and do not involve other participants.