Mill Studios Dublin

Harolds Cross

9am - 6pm (Lunch: 1hour) 

Saturday 18th May


Concession avail. please apply!

*** Upgrade to Solo Tantra 2 ***
After the event on Sat you can also take part in the whole Solo Tantra 2 weekend experience, if places are still available at that time by paying an additional €100.

The Solo Tantra 1 workshop is an instruction manual of how to use your body and engage mindfully the sexual fire that burns within each of us

In a way it is the Sex Education that you have never received, ... all these years ago!

At Solo Tantra 1 you will learn how both sexes can mindfully activate, control and direct their creative life force energy (sexual energy) through nurturing self-love practice for body, mind and spirit.


In general men and woman alike are seeking solutions on two opposing sides of the spectrum which requires different approaches to the energetic, emotional and physical body.

The two sides can mostly be described as:

  • become present, daring to feel into the accelerating ... as one meets the other

  • become present, daring to feel into the slowing down ... as one meets the other


During the workshop I will teach you how both men and woman can become fully self-responsible by building the capacity to manage their own body cycle of arousal and excitement that lays the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling love life.


Two good dancers focus only on their part of the dance, never on the other person's part. The two dancers don't try to please each other, rather they meet each other fully, head on, both focusing on their own skills and individual contributions of their parts. And it is like being a musician, the more you train and practice by yourself, the better you will play in the orchestra. ... and what's the point of exercising with the saxophone when you actually play the violin?!


The Solo Tantra 1 workshop offers you to:

  • to improve confidence and self-esteem

  • set clear boundaries and better protect yourself

  •  overcome sexual trauma and insecurities

  • experience greater permission/ freedom through self-love

  • deepen the relationship with your body, mind and spiri

  • feel more feelings, more sensations, more pleasure

  • letting go of limitations, negative body image and shame

  • learn safe & effective techniques to mindful self-love

  • re-write outdated sexual belief and behaviour patterns

  • activate, hold and manage more sexual energy  

​With a breeze of innocence, playfullness and curiosity Solo Tantra 1 is a experiential one day workshop for everybody, where you will be taught shame free and the most up-date sex education for mind, body, spirit and soul. I will share with you all information from my Sexological Bodywork education and my 5year experience from working as a Sex Coach with people of all ages and all areas of society. The proven, practical information and exercises include:

  • shamefree, transparent and authentic communication (Most important!!!)

  • breathwork

  • somatic movement

  • mindfulness

  • full body stimulation

  • different kinds of genital touch

  • genital anatomy and

  • emotional/ trauma release tools


... will also bring much change and lasting benefit to your health and wellbeing. You will learn how to start or expand your own, authentic practice based on sound, breath and movement, touch, focus, pelvic floor muscle engagement, intention and how to move sexual energy around the entire body so that you can be the best lover that you wish to be.


  • By participating you will gain tools for keeping you safe from re-traumatising yourself around sexual trigger points.  I teach you how to ground yourself in oncoming stressful experiences and you will leave fully equipped with self-help tools such as Emotional Release tools and Inner Child Healing techniques.

  • Further you will experience what your fetishes, dark secrets and sexual desires are all about. How limiting they are if not expressed. How much weight they are in your rucksack, preventing you from taking off and having the success that is waiting for you. Why we cannot take them for what they seem and what instant healing is created by exploring them in a mindful way through authentic communication.

Why self love?

A major part in our suffering is that we have become accustomed to being co-dependent. We make telepathic agreements to be responsible for the other persons peace, pleasure, fulfilment and wholeness.

Any other way of celebrating our unique, potent and perfect being is veiled with guilt and shame. By changing our belief system that we are whole, and that love, joy and fulfilment is all to be found within each of us - so that we can share it with the world, whenever we choose to.


With this self-love approach we create a healthy foundation of self esteem, confidence and worthiness that is fuelling differentiation and therefore supports us to birth our unique gift, skills and purpose into the world.