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1:1 Online Immersion with Mars in Scorpio,
1. Nov - 13. Dec

I am calling those special souls out there (female and male), who are ready and feel the desire to connect to my being. By doing so, you are giving yourself permission to a deep dive of relating to each other eye to eye - during the time as Mars travels through Scorpio! During this transformational period, I shall serve you by holding up your mirror image. Equal images of your masculine and or your feminine embodiment.

You will be invited at your own pace, to explore your true being in an intimate, heartfelt, compassionate and emphatic space holding capacity where you can experience yourself anew in a much expanded way, without the limitations that a leaking container in the past had always placed on yourself.


Maybe this container will be the first time in your life:

  • that you experience true space holding capacity, to a depth that you are not used to know from a male partner

  • that you can show up in your truth, be seen as the light that you are and being witnessed as a unique expression of love,

  • that you will find words that you never dared to express, communicate pictures or scripts from your mind and reveal your nakedness to another person that is free of shame or guilt.

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1:1 Immersion


+ Coaching Package:

+7x weekly 60min sessions with Kai

+ e-mail support/ check ins

€ 550

1:1 Immersion


+  Intimacy package:

+7x 90min sessions with Kai

+ intimate relating/ space holding

    € 900

  • Are you willing to step into intimacy: to express your true self, to become naked in front of me whilst allowing yourself to be held in a safe and protected space?

  • Are you willing to hold unconditional space for your own mirror image, that will show up as a reflection of your pure nakedness?

We start our journey as the warrior Mars enters the sexual, truth finding, Scorpio. He won't stop till he has found what he was looking for! (Cervical Orgasms, Wisdom led behavior, more being, less doing, relaxation instead of contraction, power sharing instead of holding power, Aquarian age transition, freedom, sex and spirit, divine feminine standing eye to eye with the divine masculine) And we shall culminate our journey with Mars entering the higher wisdom of Sagittarius whilst Venus meets Pluto high up at the peak in Capricorn. Two powerful New Moons and one Full Moon will provide the starting and turning points. The fearful God Pan symbolism will serve you to project your shadow, reveal our desires but also your truth.

Its like being purified by following a comet in the sky to reach your destination. We will take those constellations as symbolic meanings to:

  • bring together the two sides, (so far separated sides) as one coin Mars & Venus.

  • pave the path and are announcing your arrival to be home soon in the Aquarian Age.

The pain and suffering is great but we are all invited NOW to be initiated, to become aware of the potential within us and ask for the wonders that have been promised to us as there it says: "seek and you shall find,

ask and it shall be given,

knock and the door shall open for you" 

I am telling you wholeheartedly, don't be afraid. Trust your calling, and COME join me.

We who have experienced the new birth

must lay aside falsehood and speak the truth,

because we are members of one body.

Paul 4:25