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Online Workshop Dates (duration 1,5h- 2hours)

Sa          30.Oct       11am CEST    Opening Circle Thur      4. Nov    8.30pm CEST    New Moon

Thur     11.Nov    8.30pm CEST

Thur    18. Nov    8.30pm CEST    Full Moon

Thur    25. Nov    8.30pm CEST

Sa          4.Dec        11am CEST    New Moon

Mo      13.Dec     8.30pm CEST    Closing Circle

Immersion Online Workshop 30. Oct - 13. Dec

This workshop welcomes male and female participants.

You don't need to have any astrological knowledge.

We start our journey as the warrior Mars enters the sexual, truth finding, Scorpio.  And we shall close our journey together with Mars entering the higher wisdom of Sagittarius whilst Venus meets Pluto high up at the peak in Capricorn. Two powerful New Moons and one Full Moon will provide the starting and turning points. The mostly feared God Pan symbolism will serve us to project our shadows, reveal our desires but also our truth.

Its like being purified by following a comet in the sky to reach your destination. We will take those constellations as symbolic meanings to:

  • bring together the two, so far separated sides of the coin.

  • pave the path and are announcing your arrival to be home soon

The pain and suffering is great but we are all invited NOW to be initiated, to become aware of the potential within us and ask for the wonders that have been promised to us as there it says: "seek and you shall find,

ask and it shall be given,

knock and the door shall open for you" 

I am telling you wholeheartedly, don't be afraid. Trust your calling, and COME join us.

We who have experienced the new birth

must lay aside falsehood and speak the truth,

because we are members of one body.

Paul 4:25

Mixed Group


7x weekly group sessions

+1x 60min session with Kai

+1x session/ week with another group member 

+Group sharing and
support via whatsup group 

€ 250

Mixed Group


+ Coaching Package:

e-mail support/ check ins

+1x Astrological Chart Interpretation Mars + Venus

+3x 60min sessions with Kai

€ 550

Mixed Group


+ Coaching Package:

telephone support/ check ins

+1x Full Astrological Chart Interpretation

+5x 90min sessions with Kai

    € 900

  Any questions, just get in touch 

  +49 176 22 58 55 42 


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