• Kai Helmich

Your intuition is God

Did you know that your intuition is God?Your intuition is, God telling you what to do. You shall not have strange Gods before me. Subsequently strange Gods are anything that you regard more important than your own intuitive knowing. You could be influenced by strange Gods that show up in the form of others instead of following your own truth.

Your kids could become those strange Gods if you put them before your truth.

Your parents could be strange Gods if you are still doing the things they always have done. You may feel that they expect you also to be like them.

The government could be a strange God if you do everything what they are telling you even though you feel a different path would be your truth.

Any drugs, beliefs or behaviors that would manipulate you from expressing your truth would be strange Gods before him - the Lord thy God - your intuitive voice!

Become still and listen (that is what we call praying). And if you have listened, you then have to have the balls to abide by whatever God has told you to do - no matter what!

My Lord, my God has told me this morning that I should write about the 1st commandment today. Now it is already late at night and my mind told me that other things have been more important, but I know that I need to have only one God and not these strange Gods before me.

So I am writing it now, maybe its still not too late for what it was meant to be. Maybe you needed to read it right now.

By doing what our intuitive voice tells us, we change the world. Little by little, step by step. Have faith and belief.

God bless you, rise and shine