• Kai Helmich

Why our light belongs into our shadow?

We are all light and shadow! Or rather: “every coin has two sides”. Those who are wrapped in shame will be reluctant to even look at their dark sides. Please keep in mind that shame in comparison to guilt is something existentially threatening. If you are guilty then that is one thing but if you are just not good enough and not lovable enough then that is something that will get under your skin a lot. ... Because then you will be extremely afraid and it will be very difficult for you to show yourself authentically in everyday life. Therefore, all of those little lies and your masked facades will at some point become transparent or ailing and if the house of cards suddenly collapses then all that remains is a destructive quick escape.

Mary Baker Eddy, a talented healer has repeatedly emphasized the point that there is actually only truth, light and love, everything else would be just an illusion and actually has no right to exist. And so she healed. She pointed out to the sick that a disease could not actually be divine truth, light or love and that they should please believe in the truth, in light and love. She addressed the illusion directly and personally and since a universal law says that if a question is put out in the universe, then the universe must answer. Just that the universe is truth, light and love. And when this fallacy was really recognized, then suddenly one was healed. That's exactly how it actually stands in the Bible. The miracles that Jesus Christ performed are on the same basis. And he said: I did great things, but those who come after me, and in my name will do even greater things. Well, those who don't believe in it will also be denied the quantum leap forward, but the few who open up to their light, their truth and their love, miracles will be possible for them. After all: "What is - has to be!"

And that's exactly how we feel when we have big balls, courageously directing our light right into our shadow. Anything that was previously dark must now be light. However, as often as it is with fear, what we thought it was, is suddenly transformed and something else actually shows up. Mostly something that was slammed as stupid or ridiculous in the past, for which we were laughed at or embarrassed. Something that was once taken away from us or denied to us. And because this experience was so traumatic to us then, we denied it of its existence, boxed it up and threw it into the dark cellar, to all the other terrible things that one could have done without.

You never know what will be brought out of the underworld at a certain point in time, but that it is a missing piece of the puzzle for our wholeness; that is certain! How we then try to fit this piece of the puzzle into our assembled reality in order to integrate it, that is the art and the completion of this growth process. Hopefully leading us a little further on the long way back home.

So I advise you:

Do not only shine your light during the day when it is bright and you can see anyway,

but do shines it when it has become dark around you,

so that you do not get lost or even hurt yourself,

because you do not see clearly what is going on in front of you.