• Kai Helmich

Who screws whom?

Who screws whom?

It really moves me, or more honestly it actually triggers me when I see the discussions, the reflections and the recommendations of people that try to explain a fixed solution of how real men, should be that type of a man and real woman, should be a certain stereotype of a woman.

We are in the process of entering into the new Aquarian age. So what benefit would there be if we would define the NEW by the OLD standards. For sure this would mean to limit ourselves and after all it would only be a control mechanism, preventing a radical change to happen whilst diving into the uncertainty of the unknown that lies before us. My approach here is to surrender! Let go of your need of knowing and instead, sprinkle some chaos creating playfulness, innocence and curiosity onto the changing environment. Dare to pick up your house of cards and throw them back up, into the air and watch how it will rearrange itself and fall into place again.

Through astrology I have learned mainly one thing, that what it looks like on the outside is one thing but never truly is what it is on the inside. So please don’t keep judging books by their covers and also please don’t just let a book be defined by its title. Everything that counts contrary to our expectation based society is to realize what lies hidden within an individual as his/her/ its authentic unraveling truth at any moment of time. Our societies will flourish as more permission is given to individualize without having to create fixed boxes which dilutes ONENESS. Oneness is power because as we accept the fact that we after all, are children of one “chaotic, perfect” mother Earth in heaven on Earth. And also have one fully conscious and present father sky in heaven. As above so below.

I say this because so often we get influenced by someone who is telling us who we should be as a finished product. Fair enough but all I can say is that even though you have an idea or vision of where you want that staircase to end up. However to get there is mostly by trial and error, to mix, extract and to mold each individual step on the way. PLUS on our hero’s journey we are always asked to surrender the goal and keep enjoying the journey. The making of mistakes, the trials and the errors, the numerous times of procrastination and re-thinking - all that is also part of a winning formula. You always have to make space for defeats, disappointments and reality check-ins. Many journeys are being done through an elimination process of: “aahhhh now I know what I don’t want or who I don’t want to be- perfect! Thanks for that experience.” The importance in building the stairway to heaven is not in ending up at a certain place that is determined by the small ego, rather it is in building upwards, stretching high and far beyond the material plane.

The standard personality tests involve 4-16 different types or boxes but within Astrology you would need to take into consideration over 1000 different types or boxes. Our last generations and even centuries spend so much energy on comparing, boxing, separating and micro-individualizing anything and everything, just to understand how things work in a greater context. But somehow for the sake of keeping our society stable we all have learned, that individuality of things is perfectly ok and even brings added benefit or added value to any product, company or vision but it somehow can’t be taken for role models of how humans should or shouldn’t be. Our society is based on norms, standards and expectations of how people in general need to be that they fit the profiles of who are needed. Much of our school system is still resource focused! What does society need, to fulfill its hierarchically structured and gain focused agenda?

A picture says more than a thousand words! Just look at the picture of a 3D global population density map. Here you will see clearly how little we are individualized in the 21st Century. The spikes in certain regions also tell me how many people are trying to be a certain type of person/box whilst a more individualized society would spread more evenly throughout the whole map. Here we could see that boundaries, norms and standards would melt away giving space for a more spread out, individualized and therefore more harmonious and balanced living environment.

Here is another picture. Imagine a power drill. This is a serious force to be reckoned with when you accept that it demands active receiving to actually be of any use. So far it is only an electric charge, a force or energy source but nothing that can be applied to it in its natural state. Active in a way because it has a desire or hunger and actually gains its purpose by assuring that a penetrative force which on the other hand is primarily seeking expression of some form or another, is being allowed to connect with it. Which in turn also gains its purpose, that of its own applied individualization.

The female or receiving part always requires a male or penetrative part. And the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whilst the female is embodying nature which is electric. The male part is the focused expression of individuality. It basically has to make a decision of who or what it wants to stand for. If we want to call it, it is a form of thought that seeks manifestation into matter.

Let me explain it again. The feminine (f) part or in our case the drill is a energy source, a force, movement or life in itself. It also has an intuitive knowing or better it is capable of receiving spirit, therefore it is able to give life. So as the longing “slut” says I love pleasure and actively want to receive/ to birth, she allows herself to be penetrated with a male drill bit which is actually nothing else then an applied expression of life … in our case the drill bit which could be any particular drill bit but should be that particular one that is aligned with her vision.

It is worthwhile mentioning that in our mind dominated world we have to screw around a bit to get through the fog which veils our vision. So don’t keep shaming that slut in you. Remember, part of the active receiving has been shamed and placed off the map for many. The most specialized drill bits have been developed by realizing that the traditional ones could actually work better in doing a certain job. The process of selecting via elimination creates a motivation for necessary evolution for those that are being left out or being left behind.

And here is the thing, the drill bit (masculine) will always be the one that sooner than later will be left behind as life is continuously moving, changing and evolving. The mind (m) has only one primary goal, that of assuring certainty. Which becomes its Achilles heel! To get sure that the drill bit currently being used will be also used tomorrow and into the future. That’s where the act of picking up and carrying your cross comes from. You have to assure that you stay connected to the ever changing feminine. She (the feminine source, nature or the body) will give you signs when it's time to walk back into Jerusalem to get crucified (humbled, to become weak, to become vulnerable, to become soft) - to die, just to be resurrected into a new cycle/ age within this eternal/ never ending life. Only soft things can be remolded. The mind only builds hard structures, assuring consistency = certainty, whilst nature believes in cyclical changes. Birth, death and rebirth!

One thing that I want to mention here is that we have misunderstood who screws whom. Hasn’t it become obvious that you can only screw well together, unified and with a purpose that you both share?

So for the sake of a better world, please stop screwing the other rather than find a new perspective of what gained benefits are available not only to yourself, but to all, if we would start “screwing together”. … whatever has become separate!

It surely points to: so within, so without. What you solve on earth shall also be solved in heaven. As all is one and you are All.