• Kai Helmich

What is wisdom without service?

Knowledge is one thing and it is good to have knowledge, for sure. But ... what we are looking for is not the knowing what to do and how to do it, rather than the wisdom to know what to do in each moment of time - to stay in the flow, to be balanced, in harmony with yourself and with the environment.

Knowing means to understand to let go off, to release control again, to slow down, become present once more. Exhale, surrender to the gift of the moment and listening in to what wisdom whispers to you now. When you got so far and have received the call of wisdom then it is up to start moving, get going and assure the safe passage for the wisdom to manifest itself in your presence.

There was never a question of one or the other, rather it is a solution where all needs are met in a continuous figure of eight. Infinitely making the hen belong to the egg and vice versa. There is no point in asking who was first!