• Kai Helmich

We have lost our balls

(in German it translates to eggs hence this article for Eastern)

Especially for Easter we, as a western society, celebrate death and its redemption, resurrection or rebirth. But the big question I have been asking myself for a long time now is: What death? And why die and let go of all that one has learned on earth. The disappointment and sadness that you would cause others because of your death. Oh my God! And essentially our humanity is meanwhile so cerebral that there is no longer any belief. Either you know it and it is scientifically proven, or you just don't know. And if you don't have a venerable Prof. Dr. Dr., who doesn't absolutely know how to explain it,with paragraphs and everything else, then you move on to all the conspiracy theorists. Oh my god, I just can't let that happen and better keep my mouth shut / my gut feeling in my stomach. But has your gut feeling ever betrayed you?

In the duality of black and white, light and dark, good and bad, above and below, we have actually broken away from confronting life with death. This centering is just a smoke screen, a diversionary maneuver to reduce the viewing angle. In order to take the view that the spectrum that is available to us in life on earth is not only worldly life up to death, but divine power of creating and manifesting that is available to us up to the process of rebirth and resurrection.

Yes, we have put death on the wrong throne as a society to simply fight it, split it off, avoid it at all costs and refuse to receive it at the “right” time. What does “at the right time” mean when one can only exert influence in our society through willpower: MY will be done, MY kingdom shall come. For a matter of fact, wasn’t it YOUR will be done and YOUR kingdom shall come? So it can only be explained that we have become crazy (to stand beside yourself is also known or translated as hell) and subconsciously try to run away from judgment day which has become our deepest fear. Or because death would be an immediate end to the pleasing attitude that people live by. Above all their aim is to be liked. How can you please when you detach yourself, when you are no longer there for the other and when you cause pain, suffering and grief. How can I appreciate myself and others if I am not at least carrying their annoying trash and unwanted baggage with me - promising to do it forever! Passed on blindly and in silence from generation to generation according to the motto like as you (parents) did to me, so I shall treat you (children) too. There is no longer any questioning of the process! No longer there are any initiations left within our society for children to grow up and become real men. How am I supposed to align myself and stand straight (to align yourself is also known or translated as heaven) with this overwhelming load over my shoulders? What other purpose is given to me to dwell on this earth than to serve? Only the phrase “we are all sinners” describes today's oppressed and sleeping society. We are not worth it, we are not good enough to lead so we have to be led and so all we have to do is to serve those that lead us. Are we now subject or object?

Wake up and do not be afraid. Truly I tell you, whoever does not put his light on top of the table for everyone else to gain illumination from it, commits the sin himself. Not to be deeply anchored in the belief that every person is a Christ, a child of God and thus being one with God. Oh my god, that just can't be true! We were told that we are going to do even bigger things than he did and ... that he and the father IS one!

I just keep the image in front of my eyes that we humans, when aligned and standing upright, (ie. when we have the balls to stand right) we are empowered to have enormous creative and manifesting power. And each of us has gotten a very special and needed hidden gift for our society which can only be accessed by standing straight or standing aligned with who we are! And of course you need balls to stand up straight and to align yourself once, and forever more against the pulling force of life that tries to make you stand beside yourself. Yes, life tests you and wants to make you go crazy!

I wish you all big fat balls to express and implement your strength (potency) in your very special way. Yes, that you bring all your horsepower onto earth, because I truly tell you, wake up and do not be afraid:

Because what you express and live, which is in you - will heal you

and what you hold back and do not live, which is also in you - it will kill you.