• Kai Helmich

The Light, shadows and the delusional reality of darkness

I found a white and grey feather today and that reminded me to talk about darkness, light and the shadow. There are a few points that are important:

  1. Everything is God made - I mean, anything that is real!

  2. Everything that is God made is love, light and truth

  3. Anything that isn’t love, light and truth therefore must be an illusion.

So if you battle with the darkness then you are battling with an illusion. Darkness is a place where light, love and truth is absent. As much as Hell is rightfully translated into “to stand beside yourself” whilst Heaven is translated into “to be aligned with yourself, to be centered within YOUR own truth” The importance here is YOUR own truth, YOUR unique and authentic way of seeing and interacting with the world.

So if you are playing out any story in your shadow, that means you are subconsciously working with projections onto others, just to become aware of something so that you can learn from it, grow through it and realize the lesson in it for yourself. So you are projecting an illusion (ie. darkness) onto the outside world. But you see it is still real, as you are using the darkness and are mixing it with your light, or with good intentions/ love and partly with your truth which produces grey or as we call it the shadow. We could say the grey area is partly an illusion, but still has a sense of reality to it.

It says in the Bible, bless those, who don’t know what they are doing” ie. bless those who are working out of their shadow without realizing that they are projecting outwards. Which in a sense we all do, some more some less. Hence the utmost priority to get to know yourself. With becoming ever more aware of your true being, you will need to project less and less into the world as you have realized and healed the lessons that you have set yourself.

And with a better understanding of who you truly are, more and more light, love and truth will start to grow around you. That’s how we heal the world. And also that’s how we walk each other home. By allowing the other one to project their stuff unto us and vice versa. So be grateful for the beings that come into your life and teach you some lessons. Then the bible also tells you about “what’s the point to love only your friends, love your enemy and you shall see enormous growth from that”. Doesn’t it mean to own and take back our own projections onto others, that will not only free the others but also we free ourselves by accepting that we are having a part in it too. And certainly that part is not the victim part - generally the part that we play is the perpetrator. Yes the perpetrator! ...