• Kai Helmich

The good sex formula (GSF)

Fulfilling (healthy) sexuality is all about authentic creative expression (ACE) that evolves over time in a never ending loop of infinite possibilities. authentic creative expression (ACE) is always rooted in playfulness, innocence and curiosity. For no other reason the bible speaks of: “the children belong to the kingdom of heaven”. Meaning those that stay in a innocent childlike, creative or playful state experience abundance more easily. Abundance being Paradise!

Creative forces require by nature a certain equilibrium or balance which is all about the right mix of ALL its ingredients.

Take one stronger force and couple it with a weaker force then you create a dominant-submissive or better a controlling-controlled dynamic.

However if you place two weaker parts to one stronger part then you create an undefinable place of power that is liquid, flowing and flexing at all times. For this formula to work all parts have to continuously work together as individuals to sustain harmony. If the weaker parts gang-up together then they will become the stronger force which will tilt the equilibrium into an imbalance. Only by surrendering to the uncertainty of a higher force, destiny or purpose one is able to keep nature's natural evolution in place. Just as it says: “your kingdom shall come, your will be done”.

So I am putting out there a formula that will allow you to create and also maintain a thriving and fulfilling (healthy) sexuality that shall equally fuel your quality of life too. And with all things God made you have to take into consideration the holy trinity. The rule of 3. Therefore my formula is:


  • Take two parts of the feminine principle and add one part of the masculine.

  • Take two parts of being and add one part of doing

  • Take two parts of feeling and add one part of thinking

  • Take two bodies and add one mind

  • Take two playful parts and add one structuring part

  • Take two creative parts and add one rational part

  • Take two parts of uncertainty and add one part of certainty

  • Take two parts of nurturing care and add one part of presence

  • Take two parts of giving and add one part of taking

  • Take two receptive parts and add one penetrating part

  • Take two flowers and add one bee

  • Take two gardeners and add one garden

… which brings us back to the story of Adam and Eve. And if you want to ponder what the future holds you will find the answer at the beginning. But that's another post ...

Let those who have ears, let them hear and those that have eyes let them see.