• Kai Helmich

The freeing psychology of light and darkness

Do you struggle in life or at least do you struggle with certain aspects within your life?

I guess we all do? Some allow themselves to feel it more than others.

If we do become aware of our struggle, then what do we do about it? Bless those who don’t know what they are doing. But as soon as you become aware, you are responsible!

This writing on the wall, which you have ignored for a long time already, is going to become ever more poignant, till finally the wall will start screaming down at you, till you accept its existence … and do something about it.

Whoever keeps the whole law but stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

No matter how grand and glorious your works are, sooner or later you will be put to the test:

  • Is your faith strong enough, can you walk the talk, even if the wind is blowing into your face?

  • Will you stay on track or will you lose your path and get lost in the underworld?

  • Will you successfully keep shining your light, even in the midst of darkness?

  • Will you have learned enough in your apprentice years, to prove yourself successfully in the final examination to become a master?

  • Will you abort your light in the face of the approaching darkness, or will you have the balls to walk into your own crucifixion, just for the torch that has been given to you to hold dear in your heart?

  • What will be left of you in the darkness if you are throwing away your torch just because you're getting scared?

Did it not say: Don’t be scared, I am the light and the path and those who die in this life will not have to fear death anymore.

Wishing anybody and the whole world that we can remember and embrace the childlike virtues of playfulness, innocence and curiosity to unify the split sides and separated halves into one complete playground. For the sake of, that the light has the permission to work its magic in the dark and the dark may also be welcome to do its part in the light.

May those that have ears, let them hear, those that have eyes, let them see the true meaning of the light.

Be yourself, rise and shine