• Kai Helmich

The fall from Grace, part 1: Heaven on Earth or Hell on Mars?

Once upon a time Adam and Eve, the first children of God were gifted with an heaven on earth, though they lived in paradise - lived in safety where everything was taken care of, where nature ran its course perfectly balanced and harmonious!

"And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise." Luke 23:43

Everything they needed to know they learned through their intuitive voice, which they understood and appreciated as instructions from God. As long as they followed their inner voice there was no shame, why should they feel shame? They shouldn't have been ashamed of themselves, as they were created perfectly by God's hand, they were loved and good enough. At most they could have been guilty!

And then one day the mind rose past being guilty and acted on his will. But wasn't it written: “Your kingdom shall come, your will be done on earth as it shall be in paradise”

As already indicated, paradise is a world in perfect harmony that only God alone can control. Every act that is received through intuition, i.e. God's will, promotes staying in paradise or promotes repentance - turning back towards equilibrium. However, every act that is driven by the mind creates the Fall from grace - the reversal of balance and harmony that we understand as exile from paradise. We also lose the given security that everything will be taken care of! And just as paradise has now become imbalanced by your own choice, so too must our projections onto earth demonstrate this imbalance or lack . We know this as the Cosmic Laws of Free Will to chose the good or bad and the law of Cause and Effect.

And if Adam and Eve have learned their teachings back then and all people today would follow God's guidance - their intuition, then we would continue to be sure of God's grace and be able to enjoy heaven on earth in the future.

But it looks like some prefer a self-chosen Hell on Mars instead ....

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