• Kai Helmich

The Cervical Love Lock (CLL)

All good things come in threes they say and when it comes to the female arousal system in the genitalia we find the external clitoris, the internal G-spot area and the deeply hidden and nearly forgotten cervix.

What if that hidden cervix is like the holy grail?

What if sexual desire is actually about going home?

And what if you have the key to open the door to that hidden treasure which you have been subconsciously seeking all of your life?

Yes what if ... If all things are energy, frequency and vibration then I can say that I was at least always longing, seeking the frequency of my origin. This had nothing to do with my parents, or the city I was born in rather my desire to penetrate deeply into the heart or truth of things.

However as it has become custom in our society that the truth is actually inconvenient and therefore doesn’t support the agenda of a ruling power, a prospering enterprise or a strong personal ego. Hence we find all sorts of distractions, smoke screens and alternative perspectives in our history books and even in today's science. The proof is in the pudding when we consider:

History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books—books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon? '”

So if we relate that to human sexuality then:

  • the male won over the female,

  • the masculine conquered the feminine,

  • the mind suppressed the body,

  • the penis obliterated the vagina,

  • the external won over the internal,

  • the supposedly stronger won over the supposedly weaker

And to underscore my point in big bold letters:

The thirsty took the power from the well. “LONG LIVE THIRST”

"What a load of bollocks! What a bloody illusion! We put the cart before the horse. What about the WATER?"

Men glorified their thirst and gave themselves the permission to own vaginas at their will, at the same time men shamed women in society and took the right off them to claim their own bodies as the holy grail of society. The result was the impression of not being good/ good enough and worthy to receive absolute protection. Once outlawed, the obliteration of the conquered could really take its natural demise into its own destruction and hopefully into oblivion.

From my spiritual understanding All things are God made and therefore must be love, light and truth. Everything else is an illusion and cannot exist till it is being become aware of, it is being faced, acknowledged and felt. Only then the bubble of an illusion bursts.

In other words the pendulum always swings both ways or poor them, who push out the boat too far. The endless waves of denial that we have allowed to be pushed out onto the sea will once come back united as a terrifying tsunami. This will be the time when the power of the water returns to squash the thirst of men in their own throats. Nature only knows abundance, how come that there would be the necessity for thirst?

Loving men I am telling you, still thy unnecessary thirst and when you are humbled and full of love, then go to pray at the altar in the cathedral, worship the unknown gate at the back and stay still in full presence. When your intention is pure and full of love, you may be let in, to offer your life for the life of another. Welcome home, welcome to the Cervical Love Lock (CLL).