• Kai Helmich

Stay in or Go out?

David Icke’s presentation of facts may be right, however the great danger is that he may actually seed information into our conscious and subconscious minds that would not start to grow and manifest there otherwise.

Remember: A mind once expanded can never forget.

So be careful what information (seed) you allow to be sowed into the fertile earth of your world.

Stay out “as much as possible” of the world of information (mind) and stay centred in and around your heart (feelings). Share your heart and feelings with those that you love most rather than your opinions and predictions with strangers out there. Live in the real micro-universes of families and friendships rather than trying to take part in the macro that reflects our world. Seek the change within you that you would like to see in the world.

So within your world, so you shall experience the world out there.