• Kai Helmich

Sexuality needs permission

What happens when I invite my clients to speak explicitly and in full details about sexual desires, fantasies, fetishes, fears, issues, problems, … whatever?

Firstly they find themselves in an expanded container where they are invited to grow into. This permission is initially given non-verbally, just by leading by example. The stronger always affects the weaker hence when I am embodying an creative, unconditional and shame-free environment it works like a vacuum. It pulls the client automatically into that open space and activates previously shut down neurological cells within them to fire again. It is always heart melting to witness when they suddenly take part, come out from their shell and realize, “wow now I am in the light, arrived at my own truth and in unconditional love towards myself”. The sexual individualisation process has begun.

Secondly from this now different, expanded place they walk back out into their world and suddenly their reality also has somehow changed. Don't we all know the story about the red car? Once you get that red car into your mind, you find red cars everywhere! Once you have opened your mind you will project a more open minded view into the world which you then are able to experience for yourself anew. And so the spiral goes up or down. You close your mind and the spiral goes down, you open your heart and the spiral goes up. As we change, our world changes with us. As within, so without!

And thirdly, by repeatedly working together the client is supported and empowered to keep focusing on its own permission to keep holding that creative, shame-free and non-judgmental approach alive without external influence. This involves improving communication to be ever more precise, clear and transparent. And finally to carry the permission to take an authentic stance, to claim your truth and stand by it without re-negotiating it again - as that would be pleasing someone else again. Remember the universe is there to support you in every way possible so that you can thrive and serve the world with your creative expression of your much needed individuality. As you shine your light, it empowers others to shine theirs. As micro, so macro!

I shall look forward to offer this healing vacuum to you anytime soon. Till then I wish you much growth in continually improving your authentic expression of your true self.