• Kai Helmich

Permission to express yourself

Again and again it is my greatest honor to give couples, women but especially loving men the permission that it is good and even necessary in a relationship to point one's sexual power / potency towards and onto the beloved woman / partner. To present your authentic, passionate fire with all your heart so that you can patiently await the moment of her willingness to co-create.

Again and again we men want intimacy, physical intimacy! Mostly as it seems Men forget, however, that the act of physicality usually involves an act of connecting to be of value to the woman. Meanwhile in the 21st century (!!!) many men have still not learned to get to know their sexual engine in precise detail, to fix it if necessary, to update it and possibly to tune it, in order to know it confidently and deservedly in pole position for the next occasion - and that shameless! I see myself saying over and over again: “Good for you brother, for having done your homework” or I speak out the obvious: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

When we men understand that being intimate means, being naked - showing up undressed, to drop one’s protective mechanisms and everyday facades just to present oneself raw, sincere, willing to serve, humble and vulnerable to the present moment.

Truly I tell you, loving men, you will only have to wait a short time until your beloved well invites you to drink of her elixir of life. So that you can find peace and not be thirsty anymore. But woe to him who abuses / contaminates the sacred well as a sperm bucket to indulge in his addicted and unpresent behavior. Ohhh woe to him that ...