• Kai Helmich

Parent-Child dynamics in Adult relationships

Due to my own personal experiences and from numerous coaching situations I have learned how to spot and track sexual dynamics within individuals and couples that mostly play out subconsciously within their relationships, waiting to raise enough consciousness for them to finally look at them, accept them, heal them and choose to let them go.

The sexual path is a path to get to know freedom. The dynamic in how we play it out is always in adopting a father/mother role (strategy: inner parent, to take care of) whilst the other gets triggered into the daughter/son role (strategy: inner child to be taken care of). And as we get overwhelmed by the subconscious parental/ child dynamic the sexual energy between you will vanish someday completely or explode in a shattering and sudden separation process. Just as the growing up child leaves the house in desperation or the parent has finally enough of the self-centered puberty behaviors.

The change of faith is to become self-responsible NOW, not to allow the poison to make you fall asleep for a bad awakening. Or for the volcanic force that builds up over time below the surface that then erupts and explodes in your face with devastating consequences.

Either way it is karma, its neither good or bad, it just helps us to be good for each other, to walk each other home.

I look forward to supporting your growth and expansion of your authentic embodiment.

Rise and shine

Kai Helmich