• Kai Helmich

Naked Therapy

Welcome to this post. How beautiful that you have found your way. Maybe just take a moment, take a breath or two, to realize what brought you here? What made you follow the picture or the phrase to the post here about Naked Therapy?

Nakedness is a powerful word.

To be naked is a even more powerful symbol.

To become naked is a even more wonderful lush line of thought!

Maybe even very frightening to some? Either way, nakedness has a strong pull on all of us.

What you fear is also what you deep down desire!

To be fear of becoming naked, or being naked full stop, also carries a natural instinct of wishing to be seen naked. Just the way as you are. No facades, no veils, not having to uphold and adhere by any standards and expectations. Just to be yourself. Just to be who you are: plain naked and good enough. Worthy of unconditional love, just as you are.

And there is my invitation to anybody out there who is seeking their tribe, their family and those who they feel that they truly belong to. I have wandered around for a long time now, in the darkness but suddenly as I have unclothed myself fully. There when I became naked and humble, nearly loosing my faith and my marbles at times :-) I suddenly realized that the darkness where I had wandered around suddenly had been illuminated by my OWN light. Of course as I dropped my layers upon layers of clothes that dimmed and even hid my light - it now started to shine and illuminate my own world. Just what it is meant to do! The Bible reminds us, to not putting our light under a bushel, but on top of the table so that everybody else can see and profit from it. And that's how you see yourself home.

Just become aware that for your natural being (nature = body = feminine aspect) to be able to unravel, it requires your mind (masculine aspect) to step back from its controlling position. To finally step into a true service of being fully present in holding space mode, whilst waiting patiently to receive the instructions, of how to manifest and fulfill the vision.

All you need to do is to practice to speak more and more of your truth. Sometimes it is easier to explore a new way of phrasing things, speaking about things and revealing things to someone that is not too close to your heart. So often we have surrounded ourselves with people that we wanted to belong to but who actually are not speaking our language. So it is much better and easier, in the beginning that you speak to someone that is not so close to your heart. Someone that you trust enough, where you feel that this person can hold space for you ... whilst you undress and become naked in front of them. The real job is done when you can drop everything and show up naked, no matter who is in front of you or around you. Then you truly have mastered the world of limitations and reached freedom. As it says "what other people think is non of your business"

Just be naked and be happy and proud to stand naked in your power and in your glory, just the way how God has made you to be.

May peace be with you, keep rising and keep shining your light.