• Kai Helmich

My NEW coaching Project: Team Sheppard

Financial independence is something that I am currently working on. Would you like to join me, profit from our co-creational energy and even get free of charge coaching sessions from me within my NEW project: Team Sheppard. All you need is €100 and a willingness to promote a highly rewarding investment strategy. Let go of being led into the future and step out and up, into leading yourself there.

The freedom to go and to do whatever feels right to me is so crucial in my life. After all, I have the Aquarian sign on my Ascendant and Sagittarius as a sun sign. I guess combining those two will make you something of a optimistic Optimist. But so often the excuses so far have been: “ohhh sorry, I haven’t got the money” or “ ohhh sorry, I have no time, I have to work!” Not anymore - now I have made the time to do what I want to focus on.

Now, I understand that my focus so far has never been on financial needs as my basic needs have been always emotional, not material. So I went down the rabbit hole for the last 30 years and explored deep loving relationships, intimacy and sexuality as my absolute focus and priority. Yes, this is where my big wound has always been. Now where this pot seems to have been filled up enough, all that needs to be done is to put the lid back on it and leave it to itself, maybe stirring it occasionally. So it is just natural that the cycle now moves on and leaves me to explore the next part of my chain. Material potency, ownership, self esteem and self worth.

Being a Sagittarian, the question why is always present. Why is that so? Why do we need to have money? Why do we need to do it that way and how come we are like that? … And after all, who am I? What is it, that I really came to do here and how do I want to manifest it into matter and substance?

So here are my answers, my top three priorities when it comes to the work I envision:

  1. It has to involve helping/ serving others whilst having fun with them

  2. It isn’t fixed to pressurized performance targets, not to time and neither to space

  3. It fuels my being holistically and with abundance

When the pupil is ready the teacher shows up. Right?

And so it was, that a financial proposition caught my interest where you can double your investment each year (receiving the interest on 4 days per week) if you choose just to invest. They pay out 0.3% per day, 4x per week for amounts from $100 up to $49.999. Anything above $50.000 they pay even 0.5% interest per day, 4 days/week! That is a whopping 57,6% per year return on investment. And by an investment of $3000 or more you raise this straight away to nearly 100% returns … or even more.

Please note that I also have to say straight out, that it is risk capital investment and should not contain all of your savings as you could loose them. Just that which you are happy to work with and expose it to a very high risk - reward factor.

If that wouldn’t be enough you can manifest much more income by being a networker. I have no real interest in going back into performance sales, however the twist in the perspective is that I could use this system to practically help and support people - to coach them even free of charge, how to overcome their feelings of not being safe, not being secure and not having enough home space available to them. Home being a safe, secure and sheltered place where you feel worthy, loved and where you can be whoever you are. Only from this place (4th house of Cancer) will you be able to become creative and then sell the works (6th House of Virgo) that you have birthed into the world. (5th house of Leo)

The performance side (6th House in Astrology) is not what I want to focus on, rather it is the personal side (1st quadrant in Astrology) that has to be fully understood to move on and work with yourself (1st H), the material things (2nd H) and to integrate everything within your immediate surrounding (3rd House of Gemini in Astrology).

I am just writing the astrological stuff here, because I will be using astrological birth chart interpretations in my coaching sessions from now on. So just that you are aware of it! Maybe astrology resonates with you too.

The greatest stumbling blocks in the 1st personal quarter are:

  • The fear of judgement

  • The fear of rejection

  • The fear of abandonment

To promote a leading, futuristic and even risky path allows you to learn the lesson of: “what other people think is none of your business”. (judgement) Ask and it shall be given. Those who don’t ask for what they want, won’t simply get. (rejection) And to set yourself free from the responsibility that everyone makes their own choices. And depending on their choices it creates their own experiences. In my example, I empower, motivate and inspire people with my wisdom through stories, pictures and metaphors. I never take credit that what I am saying would be eternally right, it's just pure content. However what I believe is that what I am saying is to the best of my knowledge and is coming from a higher place. A place of sincerity and good will. What my clients then do with that, that is their job, their responsibility and also their consequence if it doesn’t turn out as expected. (abandonment)

So, what’ s holding you? Come and join me in this great project that is not only for my own benefit but also for you and all the other ones that are going to choose our path too. WIN WIN WIN, fingers crossed.

I look forward in a private conversation to tell you all about it. Maybe, already soon you will be a Sheppard, not a sheep anymore.

With love, rise and shine