• Kai Helmich

Mars and the masculine challenge

I have my sun in Sagittarius hence I have a strong imagery of centaurs. These creatures half human half animal describe so well my personal relationship to my lower desires and my higher instincts. On one side my fire wants to ravish the world of matter and that of form. On the other side however I long to connect and be part of the divine energy source. Plainly spoken and straight out, I want to re-connect to God. I want to experience myself as God in the form of a Christ - a child of God! As the Christ, Jesus said:

"that all of them may be one,

as You, Father, are in Me,

and I am in You.

May they also be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me." (John 17:21)

But the battle is in surrendering the mind and all that, what the mind has learned up to today. That there is a one or the other rather than living in a state of as well as. Big difference that is! For the first belief I have to step into scarcity first, believing that I don't deserve to have everything as I certainly are not a Christ, a powerful and potent child of God. In doing so I have to cut off parts of whats on offer. I have to cut myself out of the paradise!

In the later one I step into abundance and realize a natural process of selection is taking place, that leads to less is more. Being back at scarcity but this time the minimalist way of being is a self chosen form of living humble. Why needing to own beauty when you can witness it all around you. A bee doesn't take the flower home! No of course not, it just takes what it is meant to do and what it needs. That is how it serves the world and fulfills it purpose. And at the same time creating a necessary and sustainable piece within the environment.

So what is the challenge here for men? What is it that the masculine form (Mars) is actually asked to learn and to do or not to do, for that matter. The active, penetrative force in the masculine principle is actually there to do something, that doesn't really mean to be doing anything. The first impulse it gives, is not that of jumping and doing something with something else, rather it is the impulse to become still, become fully present and use its penetrative capacity, to allow life to penetrate itself by coming down onto him. The base line is that the masculine principle which is that of presence, is seeking the experience of the divine manifesting force to come down onto him.

So it is in this surrendering to the experiences which may come forth and onto him, if he has done his homework of purifying and presencing himself. The intention to be offering to serve is payed back in being fertilized with the experience of true and everlasting life. That the manifesting force can join him as an anchor, a harbor, a hook or fixation to bring down heaven on earth.

Are you ready to be humbled? Then step into surrendering your doing and start being who you are. You are the moment where life can be experienced at this moment of time. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but today. NOW! Feel that

Peace shall be with you, keep rising, keep shining your light

With Love