• Kai Helmich

Love Russia, free your "Great Mother"

Dear brothers and sisters, I’d like to share with you my perspective of the current opportunity to resolve and heal what’s still for many of us, a painful and open wound.

Russia the shadow archetype of the western world, that our minds love to project onto, as the enemy! But isn’t the great old Lady also known as Russia the “great mother” of all. Have we not learned by now, that the origin of shamans came from there. The body, nature, the soul and the spiritual realm are all based around wisdom, the Tree of Life. Sadly our ignorance of the mind lets us eat from the Tree of knowledge, of the good and of the bad.

Did you not remember, “be free knowing yer are all gods, but do NOT taste the fruit from the tree of knowledge”. Duality is its fruit and therefore you will experience some that you will call good and others that you will call bad. The unity with all things good will be over - from there on and you will explore judgment, separation, division and therefore injustice, pain and suffering.

This is the law of free will and that of cause and effect. If you do, you are going to fall from grace, the heavenly realms, from paradise and reduce yourself to a child of man. Instead, I ask you to choose love and live your inheritance and destiny as a child of god.

So to choose love, peace and freedom, facing the possible threat that is looming in the Ukraine we have to erase the old beliefs NOW. Our beliefs are anchored deep down in our subconscious therefore, they have to create our reality in the conscious experience. Manifestation always comes forth from the subtle realms into the material world, never the other way around. Intent must become content! Or your thought shape your reality!

If I am not accepting the old story or experience of my mind anymore, that Russia would be the dark enemy, then I realize with a certain compassion and openness towards this equal member that it has also some needs and requirements as well as boundaries. So the question here is to gaze behind the story that is playing out and ask with a loving intention what can I do for you? What is it that you need from me at this moment of time?

And if you are listening deeply enough with an open heart you will hear the great mother’s voice whispering to your soul - “I need your love. Love is all that I need. Love is all that I require”.

A mother only wants to be loved as this opens her the way to get close to you, to embrace you and gift you with her unconditionality, her warmth and with her service.

I ask you brothers and sisters, in the times of confusion and error, LOVE thy Russia, free your great mother so that we can from now on, live in peace and in harmony together without going back into constant and recurring war situations.

Embrace your Christ nature and love thy neighbor as thyself … and everything will be alright because the father is working through you and everything that the father does is good. Trust the process. Make the external behavior (projecting outward) internal and the results of your internal change will show up as a NEW reality externally.

Marshall Rosenberg's nonviolent communication shows a path that opens up a loving, universal solution where all needs can be met. This is the power of love that creates and brings forth all things good.

Let’s return to your Christ nature. Love thy neighbor as thyself and the father in heaven shall work from within you and through you as I and the father are one. And all that the father does and always has done is good - that will do.