• Kai Helmich

Invitation, this Tuesday: Open Spaces

I invite 2x 6people for the 1st Open Spaces Community calls. For this space to take off, we need your unique, heartfelt and authentic contribution to propel the dynamic from one level to the next. Your creative expression is protected - no feedback, judgmental remarks, or unsolicited advise in the Open Spaces!

When the creative part has found a point of completion then the group members are free to leave. Those that wish to talk about the creative part are welcome to do that in part 2, where it is allowed to speak about, process emotions and ask questions or receive feedback on the acts.

The deeper the group allows themselves to dive into their emotional states and express whatever they are feeling at the moment the greater the experience of intimacy will be.

Continuous participation in Open Spaces shall improve and grow your capacity of feeling, holding and expressing your personal power, no matter what the other may think of you.

The world does not need your doing as much as, it is in desperate need of your being.

To take part please e-mail me (helmichk@gmail.com) and request the entry link for the Skype call. Please let me know if you would like to take part in the:

  • German Call jeden Mittwoch 19.30 CET, Berlin time

or in the

  • English call every tuesday 8.30pm GMT, London time.

You DO NOT NEED a Skype account to take part! Just enter as a visitor.

Entry is free, however it is most appreciated if you could make a donation at the end of each session. If your financial resources don't allow you to make a donation, you are still very welcome to show yourself and contribute to the group experience.