• Kai Helmich

I love Corona

One thing that I am most grateful for is the fact that life, through Corona has slowed down to a humane pace again. At least it is a pace where I feel more centred and alive. It is where the beats of the clock still leave empty a little vacuum to be filled with something of importance, with love, with time for listening, time for doing something that never made it so far to the highest spot on your priority list, for real intimacy of revealing something from deep within myself to a loved one and of course to fill the void with some humble self-reflection of what's showing up for me right now. In this more prolonged beat of t i c k - t o c k , t i c k - t o c k the heart can synchronize again with human life. If we are connected then also our voice will be activated and ruled by a much more loving and softer frequency for the gain of myself and everybody around me. I truly feel that and it shows that my quality of family living has gained a lot more depth and togetherness, more values and morals becoming integrated and are climbing up on the ladder of priorities. The result in the long term is more sharing of common joy and fun, more laughter with, and love for each other. Suddenly the core values of patience, humbleness, empathy and the human right to be different, good enough and equally worthy of love sit side by side at each family meal. And YES, it is hard work at times when all those precious and fragile human values being interlinked- brought into relating with each other, strengthened, harmonised and keep being improved over and over again.However it is truly up-lifting for the heart and nothing is more joyful as an experience than to see and feel how the small micro-cosmos is coming together and is filling up with human values again. And so within, so it shall be out there.

But also the danger exists to lose one’s centre (heaven) and slide out of control by starting to worry about all and everything in life. About the good old money story. What if we run out of it? Where should it come from if not from the old ways, the good and well proven hard work? 9-5, Mon - Fri! Who will help us? What if the world will break apart? What if ....? And then suddenly I find myself in hell, speculating about the external motives of how the world runs. I see the nearing armageddon, the final fight between the darkness and the light, to stay in power - to keep ruling the world. Within a short time uncertainty, helplessness, insignificance overwhelms me, throwing me right back into the victim story of my past. I turn into a rebel, the fast trigger-happy facebook sharing conspiracy theory soldier that walks the edges of real presence and illusionary, projected Future all at once. Not that I want to say, that much isn’t true but the question that I pose for myself is: Is it my fight? Is it really my battle to fight? Or maybe it is a big diversion into avoidance and denial rather than to become self-accountable, to return to becoming responsible for staying centred rather than losing my centre and drifting into the chaos, the drama which is the living hell. If the living heaven is a state of mind then also the living hell is a state of mind too which all is governed by the universal law of free will. So always choose love, not fear! Choose the people around you rather than the people out there. Choose to touch someone's heart, rather than try to fight with someone’s mind.

To me it feels that the mind can run at a much faster pace like tick-tock, tick-tock or even tick,tick,tick,tick,tick,tick ! No problem for the rational apparatus which is like a high speed processor on a survival mission. You give the processor a faster beat and it just adapts, throws out everything that is not high on the priority list and streamlines a rational but highly efficient solution for the presented environment. That’s certainly a problem when we consider collective health & survival on this planet. It is never like how life should be in the best sense and what does it mean to stay in harmony, balance and within the matching equilibrium of a perfectly created mobile. NO it is all about a solution, even about solution A, solution B etc. If life on earth becomes too difficult then we just build some space stations on another planet. How perfect! How convenient?! And with this attitude we ram the dagger into the heart for its certain death. It is all about focus! There where focus goes energy flows. That which receives energy, will grow! Human values or material profit and gain?

Each moment we have the choice to remember heaven or hell, by choosing love over fear, to focus on humane, heartfelt relating with each other, rather than keeping up with the pacemaker, our mind.