• Kai Helmich

Choosing financial independence in the Aquarian Age

We are standing at the gates into the Aquarian age and as it is with any transformation process, we are asked to shed our skin and to take the leap of faith into a future without any reference points. Vulnerability and fear in the face of having to do what is necessary is holding us back. To let go of something old and well known, to accept that change is part of a natural cycle and to trust the renewal and evolutionary process into something new and unknown.

To make the matter worse, we are asked to let go of and transcend the material (physical) sphere into a mind (thought) sphere. The momentum this time is in accepting concepts that have no physical body, just like crypto currencies. It is a world of the mind! You cannot see it but it is very, very powerful. And remember it stands written: “thy faith has healed you”. If you believe that this necessary change will do good, then it will turn out to be good. If you are skeptical towards the new, then the new will reflect all that skepticism back for you to unpack your projected issues around fear of holding on to the known and certain. Love on the other hand doesn’t know a fixed place. Love is uncertain. Love is fluid and flows continuously. Try to contain love - it doesn’t work! It will always bubble up, it keeps expanding, its keeps busting anything that tries to contain it and it will keep spilling over. That is the nature of love. It is a beginning-less, endless and indefinite source or force that propels our evolution forward. Remember love is the gift that God gave us unconditionally, to choose our expression. Meaning whatever path you chose, you will get the experience depending on the choices you made. That is known as karma or the universal law of cause and effect.

Of course you have to differentiate, is it your intuition or gut feeling or does it belong to the mind. The mind is created by the past experiences and all the lessons that we learned through religion, school education, through our upbringing as well as our social environment etc. . The gut feeling or our intuitive knowing on the other side is somehow connected to the mystery that life on this planet mother earth is. I call my intuition the Holy Spirit which is my connection to God and from where I receive the signposts of when to turn or where to go from here. So often it is scary to follow the Holy Spirit’s suggestion because our mind is in charge, running the show with its built in survival mode. Certainty is safety and safety is the key ingredient of survival, hence everything is analyzed, separated and boxed into matching drawers for further comparisons down the line.

But we also have to take into account the Zeitgeist of the last few generations. Safety and security in the post war generations were the key priorities to thrive as an individual or as a family. In an earthy dimension it is all about collecting, growing, maintaining and holding onto material possessions, identifications or standards. This current era has lasted over 200 years and now we are in the process of transitioning into an air period. Here the much more free flowing, fluctuating, freedom loving mental capacities will become more important as our previously cherished physical needs and requirements that mostly were concerned with holding onto something.

Look how far the “Deutsche Mark” has drifted. Once a synonym for strength, stability, discipline and order. Now it does not even exist anymore.

Or look at Gold, once traded in real terms, on the basis of being able to touch it, own it, in form of real coins or bars. Now gold is purely traded on the financial markets as numbers without a fixed, real body to it.

Our global currencies are turning into ever more digital data rather than staying with real cash. A few years down the line, how much cash transactions will we conduct? 10% or less!

So our national or regional currencies are going to turn into digital currencies. Today known as crypto currencies.

But nobody from the conservative money institutions wants to admit that sooner rather than later they will be mostly digital without having a real presence anymore.

So what I am asking myself here is, what do I let go and what do I open myself up to. The world of crypto currencies! It's air, it's the future, it is technology, it is the revolution that the Aquarian age is forecasting it to be. Also remember that the sign of Aquarius stands for groups and close friends that you may choose and seek out. It is also the 11. House and is within the quadrant of working for or within society. So it is not just for personal benefit anymore. There is a larger call here that seeks expression. Can we trust it?

Knowing all that. Then I get presented with an opportunity to double my €2100 investment within only one year. Of course there is a risk associated with it, to lose it, but my personal intuition tells me that the timing is right and that I am feeling motivated to take part in it - with some “Risk Capital”. As I take out the earned interest monthly or even weekly (if it would be a larger investment) I reduce my risk of losses with every month.

What I like about it, is that the investment is in bitcoin and therefore I see the interest earnings as one part of the investment and the eventual bitcoin currency exchange as an another potential to increase my earnings even more. My intuition tells me that the father (bitcoin) of the crypto currencies will be much higher valued in the future as it is currently.

Anyway, did you know that you need only less than 9 full years to turn €2000 into €1.000.000. YES, less than 9 full consecutive years if you double the money every year!

1. Year € 2.000 € 4.000

2. Year € 4.000 € 8.000

3. Year € 8.000 € 16.000

4. Year € 6.000 € 32.000

5. Year € 32.000 € 64.000

6. Year € 64.000 € 128.000

7. Year € 128.000 € 256.000

8. Year € 256.000 € 512.000

9. Year € 512.000 € 1.024.000

I fully agree that in the old lethargic and physical system this wouldn’t take much chances, but remember we are in a much faster mental, non physical world NOW and you are invited to take part in it, create your future and make your dreams come true via expressing yourself authentically.

And my expression for this authentic time adjustment is to take up new found Aquarian risk investment opportunities and run with them, if they feel good.

If you feel an interest to take that risk and to take part in it too, then please get in contact and I will tell you about my experience so far. helmichk@gmail.com

I wish you courage and luck in letting go of the OLD and keep surrendering to the NEW.

Keep rising, keep shining your light