• Kai Helmich

All roads lead to Rome!

I am telling you, it is absolutely right, however what the sentence doesn't claim but most people expect is that Rome is the final destination, rather it is the go-to point that puts you onto the final stretch.

Rome is the death & resurrection point on your journey, not the final destination! Remember there are always two sides to a coin. Otherwise it would say: All roads lead to Jerusalem. Isn't it? Rome is destined to be the old paradigm where the curtain drops, the illusion busts and the confusion of a limiting, exoteric mass-religion opens up the infinite potential of an individualised esoteric life path (Time of Aquarius: the great waking up and doing it #foryourself).

Of all that the bible teaches it says that "yer are gods" and "those that belief in me will do even greater things than me".

Nobody will get to know the father in heaven who doesn't come via his son Christ (Christ = son of god). So aren't we invited to accept our blessing and claim to be the son of God also! Jesus the Christ has showed us the way 2000 years ago and he has invited us to follow him. So now YOU are all called to wake up, take your Crosses and walk #foryourself.

Those that have eyes, shall see, those that have ears, shall hear and those that seek, shall find.

How about a mantra: I AM, Christ and the father in heaven IS ONE