• Kai Helmich

Adultery and what it really means

What is adultery if we look at it a little bit closer? So wiki says the following:

Adultery, sexual relations between a married person and someone other than the spouse.

If you go back and research the common rules and behaviors within society 2000 years ago you will find that men had more than just one wife then.

Polygamy was only banned between the 11th and as late as the 20th Century!

What becomes ever more evident to me, the more I explore the subject I find my emphasis on being transparent, honest and authentic, not actually on the fact of doing so. To speak the truth and to communicate, negotiate and agree on a container of consent, that eliminates the dark areas where things are being done behind the spouse’s back. Remember the bible speaks about all things, light, love and truth. And here too, the invitation is to place your light into your own darkness and illuminate yourself and the world around you.

Adultery is not the act of choosing to express one’s creative energies with another person, rather it is purely saying something of how we go about it and can we create a loving, expanded container of mutual permission, consent and boundaries.