• Kai Helmich

A Tsunami for Men is coming

We surely have to blame ourselves. We have let generations go by where our masculinity, how should I say “oh yes, it's not that important” was hushed through and swept under the carpet. Because the male ego is too unstable and vulnerable for this confrontation. Yes, a man stands or falls with his genitals. Unstable only because there is still the belief that there is no training, subject-related knowledge or other possibilities to change or improve sexual behavior. Our Human sexuality which has been shamed to death, still tells each and everyone whether you are a man or a woman - something is wrong with me. I'm wrong, broken, or just not good enough. And that cannot be changed!

Finally in the 21st century, the fire in our sex life is suddenly waning, although not much has actually happened. The orgasm gap for every 10 years in a relationship is roughly 1040 to 3 in favor of the males, but otherwise nothing really happened.

Although you really have to mention the many, yes, I say that consciously, MANY women have not yet come to or through Intercourse. So it's not that bad at all! Having three orgasms during or through penetration is not bad, on average, for a woman in the 21st century.

What women take 10 years to complete, it takes the average man 1 or 2 days. Obviously we are telling ourselves: ohh but I am under so much pressure! I have already blue balls. Men even have an ejaculation addiction! In fact, many men nowadays have an ejaculation addiction and like to use a woman as a sperm bucket. Well, hard words, but if you want to hit the nail on the head then it comes very close to reality for an average man and for a woman for that matter!

Just imagine that every ejaculation of a man would throw out a dark masculine energy into the atmosphere and every woman would spray a light feminine energy into the atmosphere with each orgasm. How bright or better how dark would it be by now in 2021?

In every act, nature tries to find harmony, to bring about a balance, but humanity, who was given free will as a gift from God, has still not learned how to be grateful for this gift and at the same time act responsible and sustainable for ourselves and for each other.

So far we STILL enjoy the personal responsibility that women are now allowed to carry. Nowadays women are also responsible for their own orgasm, as no man in the world can give women an orgasm. Allowing this act of orgasming is controlled entirely by the woman herself.

But once the light banishes the darkness, many men will wonder why there isn't much left for them, except for porn, masturbation, prostitution and the prophylactic Christmas night of love with their wife.

If we don't change as men, women will change. And if the women are desensitized by men (vibrator industry) through vibrators then you have to be able to keep up. Then it is no longer just a question of how long, but with how much friction, vibration or reps you can meet that newly created expectation. Take into account that a vibrator is mostly used externally. Then where do we stand with penetration? ... Then where do we man stand?

I wish every man and woman that they finally bring their sexual expression, longing and desire into a harmonic, fulfilling and loving togetherness.