• Kai Helmich

A man's part in the orgasmic birth of his woman

Hey brother, did you know that you have a mighty task in front of you to deliver Children of God into Heaven on Earth. Yes you too have a part in the orgasmic birth that lays the foundation of how your child’s first impression of life will be, of life as a human being, here on mother earth.

Not to mention, that your beloved will subconsciously or not, will hold a limiting belief from the beginning, that places the baby closer to her side - as she has done all of the work. Of course this makes sense in a way but here I am speaking of a energetic thing that is between you and her, and her yourself and the baby. For too long the job or business was the man’s project, and the children belonged to the woman’s stuff. And after all, what would you know about a woman’s body?! Don’t get into that discussion!

However the opportunity is not so much about what you can tell her, rather than what you can bring to the table. What can you do for her that helps her to create a different experience? That selfless effort is what will make in her eyes all the difference.

So what can you do for her, to help her to get onto a NEW neurological pathway in her body-mind connection that prepares her and allows her to have an orgasmic birth experience.

The orgasmic birth is symbolic for birthing a Christ into this world. A Christ being a child of God that, how would it be any other way is being placed into paradise or as we would call it, into heaven on earth. Finally having arrived here on earth, he or she will have an orgasmic reference point of wow this is great, here I AM.

Sadly many births hold a different first impression of what life is all about in this world. A stressful or even traumatic birth brings immediately with it a mountain to climb. And his or her life will immediately begin with, here I have to do something, ie. to get back even or to return to a harmonious state of being. Emotionally that translates into here I am not welcomed, this world is hostile and dangerous. Or all that pain just because of me/ it's all my fault. Or even there is something wrong with me, I am not good enough, hence not loveable. Please remember to see this as a painted picture not a scientific rational text. It transports energetic information to the core of its cells.

A child of god will always have the tendency to bring forth its Christ nature, as much as a sinner will have the tendency to feel deep down, no matter what he or she has done, that it isn’t good enough - that it is just somehow not right.

Isn’t that the actual fall from grace, out of the Adam and Eve story? In one moment you are still in paradise, where the father provides everything you need and then something happens and everything has changed forever. There is no turning back it seems and therefore you are damned to live from there on, a life as a child of a human.

And from there on you will learn that your parents, your father and your mother are just humans, hence you must be a human too. And it is here where the huge sadness, grief and depression is activated in a human body that somehow still remembers and wonders: What has become of the I AM, Christ and the Father in Heaven is ONE. I AM the ONE! … What has come of that???

So, … if I haven’t lost you by now, I shall come back to the juicy part of my story. Only if you have come so far you are ready to go past the veil as you understand not just with your rational mind but with your creative, feeling and sensing side. Wisdom is the guide that will keep standing beside you, when science has come beyond its kingdom.

To cut a long story short, You my dear brother, if you like to hear it or not. You have to reclaim your balls. Get them back and strap your balls back on again. You may have by now experienced that a cock isn’t really cutting it without having the balls to do something extraordinary with it. There is “fucking someone” and then there is penetrating someone. Truly touching them, truly allowing, that it will also touch you deeply. To give yourself fully, is the way how you receive fully. And here we get to the saying: What’s it worth, for he who owns the world, but does not have love in his heart? What’s it worth to fuck the greatest woman on earth but not feels love? Dare to make love to a woman, and it will seem that you own the world!

First things first! That out of the way, now I want to point your focus onto two things:

Onto her cervix and onto her womb. Yeah, forget for a moment her clitoris and her g-spot.

It is in awakening her cervix where we can build a neurological pathway to the brain and to the heart that wires her for pleasure and orgasmic reference points which she then can tap into as she goes into the birthing experience. You know any sensation can be experienced as pleasure or pain.

It is scientifically proven that at the top of a roller coaster two people can have two completely different experiences, even though their bodies release the same chemical cocktails. The interpretation of it is what makes the difference. The one associates this cocktail with the actual experiencing of height, speed and dropping into uncertainty as a fearful state whilst the other experiences the height, speed and dropping into uncertainty as a joyful and pleasurable state.

So if you may have had your prostate touched for the first time. At that you may have felt quickly or even immediate unease or pain. But if you continued, relaxed and gotten into the sensitizing or desensitizing process then you may after a few times trying have started to feel some pleasure developing. Basically you build a neurological pathway. Initially this was only individual steps in nomansland, then it became a trample path, then a road, from there a dual-carriage way and then you build a neurological motorway where millions of sensations could travel to and from in just a blink of an eye.

And now you have inscribed on these sensations the cellular information of arousal, pleasure, joy, love and bliss. That is what is going to light up in your brain and in your heart - joy, pleasure, arousal, love and bliss.

Exactly and this is your responsibility to transfer and instill with your cock, the information of arousal, joy, pleasure, love and bliss onto her cervix by lovingly prodding, touching, caressing and gently tapping her with the tip (gland) of your penis. When she gets receptacle, horny and in the timing is right for her, then her cervix will come down to play and will expose even greater areas of it for you to do your magic on. Penetrate her anterior or posterior fornix and you will find your penis gland “being locked”, held into the Love Lock position. The anterior or posterior fornix is a space to the front and to the back of her cervix that opens up inside her vagina as she is in a state of high and prolonged arousal.

This is an incredible intense feeling where you feel as if you have come together as one. That is pretty close to the Sacred Union but still it is not the Holy Grail of it. For this you have to step forward/ upward and into the realms of energy, frequency and vibration. To transform your material double sided sword into a light-saber or wand of light (light= love energy).

I say double sided, as with your cock you can choose to bring joy or pain to the receiver, transfer love or induce fear and fright. And you can do that consciously or subconsciously. Therefore it is enormously important for you to get to know yourself. … bless those who don’t know what they are doing. Yes, ignorance does not protect one from punishment/ karma.

So please do seek and get the sexual education that men and woman so badly require.

When you have done your homework and have become sensitive enough and you now can call yourself a man with a feeling cock then you can get on the way to connect with her essence and send forth your loving energy through her cervix into her womb space from where it is carried towards and into her heart. You may have heard that there is a circular movement where the love between man and woman gets exchanged and can be circled around in a never ending spiral into nirvana. This is how you activate the circle and step into physical as well as spiritual union with each other.

To get into the love lock you will have to do some shifting, maneuvering and adjusting to do for yourself and to do it with and for your partner. Ask her to let you in more deeply. If she has done so, ask her again and even beg her to let you in all the way. Even whisper the magical “sesami open” into her ear. Repeatedly speak out the word to her, of “EFATAH” (to let go off) with es much humbleness, devotion and love you can muster. Her soul will remember the meaning of the word. This letting go off is everything that is contraction within her as a form of protecting herself which has been built up over thousands of years in a woman’s body. Be assured that only your purest of desires will melt away her past trauma that she is carrying inside of her. Please do take note, that this process of letting go/ melting away her personal and collective pain, fear and trauma may take some time. This is something you cannot push or force and if she feels any doing on your side then all the effort will leave you with nothing. But be there for her and with her, serve her, be fully present in that moment and wonders may happen right in front of you, whenever the time has come. Remember she is the holy temple, the well and it is YOU who is coming to her, to be nourished by her and it is her who still your thirst. NOT the other way around! Or did you ever hear of a story where a thirsty man came along after the hardship of his day, drank from the well and the well thanked him that he drank from the well? No but it was the one who had the thirst who was well pleased and grateful to drink from the well when he needed it.

Change your perspective, to see the woman rather as a sperm bucket for your lustful, overbearing, uncontrolled and animalistic desire to a sacred vessel, holy well or precious temple that you can go to at any time. Do your heartfelt prayers there and with that reconcile and heal the past and the present whilst laying the foundation for a glorious future by orgasmically birthing, through your own doing, Children of God into this world once again. And there are a lot of Christs that we need at this moment of time, to transform this earth back into its original state - into Paradise or Heaven on Earth.

From now on, let the immaculate birth be an enjoyable, pleasurable and orgasmic natural process without any interference of man’s mind/ mankind.

Therefore, love each other and multiply in large numbers. Enjoy every moment of the way!

May peace be with you, rise and shine