• Kai Helmich

A client reference

So grateful to be of service to others. Here is what a client said about my work:

Kai is like a magician, a miracle worker who can see the truth in you and help you to see your own truth, strength and courage too.

Before working with Kai I was trapped in a pattern of avoiding relationships, feeling anxious about work and about life. He has helped set me free from myself, free from my own prison. Before I was running away from life, now I feel like I am running towards life and taking what I deserve.

I greatly valued the energy that came from him, making me feel like anything was possible, and was blown away by how much change I made in just a few sessions. He has a rare gift that gave me new perspectives on things and challenged me in ways other therapists just never have. Instead of allowing me to stay stuck as a victim, he helped, encouraged and called me out when needed to push me on to discover that I am far more than the story I have been telling myself. It was an ideal combination of hearing what I needed to hear, being listened to and understood, and being set invaluable "homework" tasks and goals between sessions that massively helped me grow.

It felt like waking up having been asleep for years.

Ed, TV Producer