• Kai Helmich

NEW Solo Tantra 1 format explained

Let me present you what changes I have done to the NEW format. What has been taken out and what has been moved in, to create the most up-date Sex Education workshop that is socially acceptable and suits everybody no matter their experience or comfort zone.

Should you have any questions, please just ask: helmichk@gmail.com or contact me directly: +4917622585542

The Solo Tantra 2 weekend still exists with the first day (Solo Tantra 1) + the 2nd day where you can explore mindful nakedness and fully conscious sexual energy within a shamefree group environment. Please note this workshop does not offer touch or any other kind of interactions inbetween participants, rather it is a place where reference points at the edge of the comfort zone can be explored safely. The heartfelt and non-judgemental,positive experience serves as a expanded container to grow into. A once expanded mind can never forget.