• Kai Helmich

Q&A Solo Tantra| I feel fear, taking part!

Fear isn't always what it looks like and much more, fear is not always a STOP sign!

Those on a roller-coaster ride feel the same sensation in their bodies, however we are interpreting what we feel differently.

Some feel fear, others feel excitement. NEUROLOGICALLY IT IS THE SAME IMPULSE!

So next time you feel that feeling again, check maybe it is actually excitement for what's going to come. It was my light-bulb moment when I took a public speaking class/ workshop - I am still nervous each time the stage is looming, but since then my feeling never stopped to share my voice with the world.

To find out what your truth actually is, you have to try it out! :-) You will know when its the right time and the right place to do it. ... Trust your instinct, but check your interpretation/ believes and or behaviours.