• Kai Helmich

Solo Tantra Events in May - book now

Finally back in Dublin, and in London Get ready for the 5th Edition of Solo Tantra on 18/19th May in Dublin. This workshop is ever evolving and intuitively adjusted to the group that is forming.

A 2nd Edition is also open for booking in London on the 11/12th May, inviting all Gay/ Bi Males to this workshop. www.kaihelmich.com/gaysolotantra

Become one of my students who will enjoy as much as benefit from taking part in these two days of practical and shamefree sex eduction.

In this structured exploration through mind, body and spirit, there will be plenty of space for your questions, but also you will learn lots of new, practical solutions of how you can deepen your connection, de-stress, train and improve your capacity to manage, channel and express sexual energy.

We will focus on mindful self-love practices, which you can then easily copy at home to strengthen your self-confidence in bed but also to learn how your own body actually functions when sexual energy is being activated.

Because the better you know, how to play your own body instrument, the better you will perform in the orchestra of sex and love. ... the better you will perform in all aspects of your life.

So don't miss this opportunity to learn how to play your own strings so the most beautiful song can be created by yourself.

The invitation is here, the time has come, if not now, when ...???

I am looking forward to welcome you this time around.

Please note private Sessions are available in Dublin and London on the Thurs and Fri before the Solo Tantra workshop. Please contact me for an appointment. helmichk@gmail.com