• Kai Helmich

The Queen makes all the difference

It is the Queen that makes all the difference. As within, so without.

The Queen, the feminine force within ourselves, provides us with a most powerful force, it is the engine to presence and lasting focus, she holds the vision for real purpose and the intuitive wisdom how to get there.

She, the Queen reigns within all of us.

He, the King is only governed by one rule, to stand tall and proud, till the end. His dignity is protected at all times. Even though he may loose, he never has to leave the table!

But certainly his part is to be played in surrendering to the tormenting emotional roller-coaster by witnessing the unravelling, move by move, moment by moment without much part-taking or contribution on his part!

His reality is to trust his Queen unconditional, that she has the answers to, when and how to attack, never forgetting their love and her foresight for defensive vulnerability and survival of their kingdom.

All moves are done with her in mind, but initially are done without her.

Rarely she imposes too early her own power, unveiling their ruthless mission. She doesn't waste her force, nor she craves unnecessary attention! She stands by her King from the beginning till the end. Even though they belong together side by side, there comes the moment where she needs to leave her place beside him and make her presence be known on the landscape - to serve their together mission. To assure her own life, to safeguard their kingdom and maintain their existence.

If She is taken from the field pre-maturely then from this moment on, the king will have likely, also lost his life-line, his authority and his loyal active force that has always kept him in power!

As it is the basic laws of nature: hunt or you will be hunted so it is within the Game of Life. Attack in the name of unconditional Love and make your glorious destiny your absolute priority otherwise the glorious destiny of someone else shall befall your kingdom, leaving you with nothing but ...

... but to start and try again. :-) Enjoy the game