• Kai Helmich

Dublin Solo Tantra workshop in Nov - book now!

I am delighted to announce that an opportunity has arisen on the 17th and 18th November to run a Solo Tantra Weekend Experience at the Olive 3 Studio in Bray. Yippie!!! :-)

The fact that this location is an old Irish Church makes it even more healing and liberating to reclaim lost and taken away power.

Be one of those few that will reverse the past spell during this weekend and reclaim their basic human rights of shamefree access to their own bodies not only for themselves but energetically for all those that have lost their shining light, struggled and fought with the resulting darkness, guilt and shame during their lives. Just imagine how much physical, mental and emotional symptoms people are suffering unnecessarily because of it. Let's make a STOP to that, once and for all!

I call you to anchor your light into this field of false darkness and shadow - to liberate it and turn it into light, love and truth.

To make this a fully conscious and positive experience for all attending folks I have split the workshop into two parts. Should you find yourself having a strong reaction for and also against it (public anxiety, fears of old trauma, shame etc) then you may want to test the waters by joining the Solo Tantra 1 Saturday workshop:


*** Upgrade to Solo Tantra 2 ***

After the Saturday workshop you then will have the choice to feel into continuing on Sunday (as long as places are available) and upgrade to the full Solo Tantra 2 experience.

Should you feel that your desire to let go off much held shame, surrender to and express your truth more authentically then you may feel called to take part in the whole weekend experience, Solo Tantra 2:


Whatever your decision, I welcome you, your courage and current truth. All exercises during the workshops are invitations only and each participant is asked to find their own truth in how fully they want to follow the guidelines that are given.

The greatest of lessons is that to uphold ones own boundaries and stand up for one's own truth by saying NO! No thank you, that feels too far out for me, can I just go up to ... or No thank you, may I only do that ... or No thank you, can I take a break and sit this exercise out and just watch ...

It is not how deep you can go, rather how much depth can you take and still enjoy it.

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