• Kai Helmich

Does Love, Money and Power stick to you?

"Not that well" or "it could be better" you may hear yourself saying! Then I would like to invite you to book 1month of GLUE Coaching with me. During a four week period (4 weekly 60min Skype calls €200) I will support you in making things stick better to you.

Wouldn't it be nice if more Love, Power and Money could keep sticking to you?

Intimacy means to state and make known! Everything changes if one breaks the silence and speaks their truth with courage and heart. About one's needs, wishes, fears and desires - and with that I don't just mean only sexual stuff (fantasies, fetishes), it is the every day stuff that matters most.

Through vulnerability we create GLUE which you need in bonding together any kind of relationship partners!

  • Relationship with Love

  • Relationship with Power

  • Relationship with Money

So no matter if you already have a relationship but need some more GLUE or if you are by yourself and may need some GLUE for a better relationship with yourself or other things - stating and making known who you truly are will bond you deeply to what belongs to you. Love, Power, Money!

Intimacy rarely is experienced in a single act! Intimacy is a process which is created by continuously offering gestures of vulnerability, of stating and making known what is really going on inside of you. (ie. what is your truth). That is also how you get to know thyself and the uphill battle really starts there! When you find deep down in your own darkness some rather unpleasant truth and are then facing to share them. ...

To find peace, deep and fulfilling intimacy one has to have gone through a process of cleansing - stripping back the layers. (getting to know oneself) and accepting oneself in the present moment. The more we do that we create ever better sticking GLUE!

Should my invitation resonate with you, then I am looking forward to helping you to produce some GLUE or to produce a much better sticking GLUE over the next 4 weeks. How and where you use that GLUE then is up to you. But one thing I can tell you: "if you have GLUE, you can always make things stick to you" :-)

Why not book a FREE 30min Skype chat with me to find out if my Glue Coaching is what you need - to get what you want.