• Kai Helmich

Initiation - What permission do you need?

You may have heard of the words "get up, pick up your bed and walk" and maybe have never considered those words as a permission to rise and shine, to be safe knowing you are loved unconditional - no matter what. To be in peace, no matter how your individuality, curiosity and innocence make you express yourself.

So often my healing sessions are about giving permission to get up, leave the past behind and start fresh - right there, right then. Once the cause has been found which caused the contraction and limitation to run a particular software, unconditional love can be send towards that wound and can heal it pretty much instantaneous if the timing is right. ie. if the initiate believes in the person who gives the permission. "Your faith has healed you" are the famous words from Jesus acknowledging the innate healing powers of us humans.

The old tribes and cultures always worked with initiations that were permission giving ceremonies to act anew, more grown up, more wiser and with more responsibility. Where have these personal empowerment rituals gone? What makes our society judge and shame those old ceremonies when we have more suffering in today's society then ever before. What if you are subconsciously waiting for permission, for the moment where you get initiated/ activated to act from a new level of maturity/ responsibility.

My workshops and intuitive healing/ coaching sessions are about those permissions. If you are stuck and struggle with a lot of resistance that just won't shift, then please do come take part in one of my liberating workshops or book a private session with me and ask me for an initiation or permission that you are maybe seeking. This can involve any subjects or areas of your life - the healing happens from the point you start communicating it.

A initiation into owning and loving your body unconditionally is available this coming Saturday, 2nd Dec in Dublin. We still have some places available and we are looking exactly for YOU to complete this group! www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra1

I also have some slots available for private sessions in Dublin (Harvest Moon Center, Dublin 2):

  • Thurs 30th Nov 7pm - 9pm

  • Fri 1st Dec 10am - 12noon

  • Fri 1st Dec 3pm - 10pm

Please contact me via e-mail: helmichk@gmail.com