• Kai Helmich

How to feel hot and juicy

The more we do something for our beloved the more he/ she will feel loved, cherished and cared for. From an early age we have learned to please others to gain approval or even receive the sensation of being loved by our parents, family members or authorities that we have been raised with. And most of us have actually done pretty well with this strategy! But how often have we used this to make ourselves feel better, to feel loved, cherished and cared for by the one that actually matters most - Oneself! A tribe in Africa has a saying: "you cannot still the thirst of others from a dry well" Those of you who love to give also need to stay responsible to keep the batteries full, otherwise how little can you help when your tank is running on empty?

  • What would happen to you if you would take some more time for yourself, love yourself, cherish yourself and really care for yourself as a matter of priority! And I don't mean to keep polishing your facade to keep pretending - NO! I mean to really feel into your body, to accept who you are deep down and to do whatever it would take to meet and fulfil your personal need from now on. Each day you become a little bit better in getting to know yourself, to trust yourself again and to learn what it would take to stay connected to yourself - not to go into self-judgement anymore, no more self-rejection or even self-abandonment just unconditional self-love for your truth, your authenticity and your unique individuality?

  • What would happen to you if you would love yourself with an equal passion as you love the world around you?

  • What would happen to you if you would stop judging your own body for the imperfections and actually would pour your heart out towards it?

  • What would happen to you if you would actually learn what your body likes, what it needs and how it could create ever more joy, more sensations and more pleasure?

  • What would happen to you if you could love yourself so intensely that you would start changing old beliefs and behaviours that don't serve you anymore and would replace them with beliefs and behaviours that would serve you to grow and shine your light even stronger?

  • What would happen to you if you could build a strong, beautiful and fulfilling love story with your own body that you then ... could share with someone else?

  • What would happen to you if you become love?

The Solo Tantra 1, workshop in Dublin on the Saturday 2nd December is welcoming everybody that would like to learn, how to charge one's own batteries and to connect mindfully to one's own body for the purpose of becoming fully alive and reaching one's own dreams, maybe even your fullest potential self.

If you feel like a beginner, then you are also welcome, so don't hesitate, just come along and enjoy the day.