• Kai Helmich

Halloween: Welcoming ones ugly faces at the door

You may have heard that relationships are a fast track path to healing?! Yes they certainly are but there are a few things to know how one can use that fuel that is coming from the synthesis of two people being in love with each other, most efficiently. There is no use in having Diesel available if you are in need of Unleaded or even Electric fuel. And the primal fuel that a relationship should give off is unconditional love towards the expression of the individual within that relationship. Actually love is the fuel that powers our rise from a conditioned self to the individual self of I am. Of course there are boundaries and limitations that the togetherness requires but within that mutual consent there should only be used unconditional love. It is in our perspective towards a relationship where we can achieve so much! Achieve so much growth, healing and freedom to express our individuality which holds all our gifts, skills and unique benefactors. Change your attitude, from a relationship should make you happy towards, a relationship should help each other to grow and expand as human beings.

And this is where Halloween comes into. Here we open our front doors without fear towards the most horrific scary faces and ... we welcome them, enjoy them and even give them sweets as a thank you for showing up. I wished we would continue this attitude and behaviour all year around and get on with the fact that they are just ugly faces, they come, show up at our front door (consciousness), they want to be seen, acknowledged and appreciated for the role that they are playing. As soon as we honour those creatures they are happily move on to the next door, offering their help to the one that still seeks to learn that lesson.

So what if you can celebrate Halloween within your relationship more often and allow yourself to show up with your ugly faces, knock on your partners door and do your best to scare him/ her. Sooner or later you will both understand that the faces are just scary faces of one or the other that as all other faces only seek unconditional love. If we can stay out of going into drama, not taking things personal and even reward the ugly faces for their efforts, their strength and courage to show up, then incredible opportunities for healing arises.

When we remember that the universe always works for us, not against us then as soon as we take full responsibility for what is being presented to us, feel it fully, accept it and chose to let it go then why ... WHY would the universe hound us repeatedly with those scary faces? Of course, only because there is something that we need to acknowledge and learn from. As soon as the lesson is learned, your address is taken off their navigation system.

And without the doorbell ringing every so often more peace, harmony and balance will return to your relationship. What a great space saver that you could fill with some more lovin! Enjoy the scary faces of Halloween each day, every day :-)

If you struggle with scary faces, even that of your own sexuality or that of your partner, then why not give me a buzz and we bring some light into the darkness of why there are there, what they want from you and what it takes to delete your address from their calling card. I look forward to you contacting me: helmichk@gmail.com