• Kai Helmich

Solo Tantra 1 + Solo Tantra 2 is coming to town this December

Beating Santa to it :-) , I have confirmed a Solo Tantra weekend for the 2nd and 3rd December in Dublin. Hurry Hurry and get yourself the 1st 4 x Solo Tantra 2 tickets for a special early bookers price.

Please note that if you are not sure about stretching safely to the Solo Tantra 2 you can join the Solo Tantra 1 and then decide after the first day if you feel, to continue on the sunday. Important is that you make the first step! As soon as you are on the list something subconsciously will start working to prepare you and align you with your challenge and or your excitement ahead.

Important note about personal boundaries and limitations

And do remember that all exercises during the event are an invitation and at no time peer pressure or anybody else will force you to do something that just doesn't feel right at that moment of time. Your NO is maybe the biggest show of courage and self-love that is possible. So YES I encourage each participant and want to empower everybody to be part in this shame busting, liberating, healing and expanding workshop but I also want all those people to take responsibility for staying in their own growth and expansion zone without tripping into the "terror zone".

If in doubt, why not check out the wonderful testimonials that other participants before, have left for you. click here

For more information about the Solo Tantra 1, one day workshop please click here

For more information about the Solo Tantra 2, weekend experience please click here

To have a chat with me about your participation please drop me a mail and I will be in touch to discuss: helmichk@gmail.com