• Kai Helmich

Concessions! Ask and it shall be given

Again and again it proves that those that haven't got the financial resources are those that would need the support, advise and encouragement the most. If we carry shame or any trauma in us then the capacity to stand up for ourselves and speak out is diminished or even not existent at all which will reflect itself in all parts of our lives. To rather limiting effects! And certainly you will have difficulties to make ends meet in this world where there is a race of the fittest, strongest and fastest out there. Where the mind or masculine aspect are much higher in demand and appreciated then the bodies emotional and feeling capabilities or feminine aspects are.

So if you struggle on your own journey and resonate with the support that I offer people, then drop me an e-mail with your current situation, what holds you back and where you want to go from here. Also please indicate what you are able to pay for 4 weekly 60min Skype calls.

Why only a monthly contract of 4 sessions?

  • Because quick fixes don't work and it is all about commitment, focus and persistence in implementing the agreed changes of behaviour into our lives.

  • Because the layers that veil the real issues are mostly not accessible in a single session. The truth can only come to the surface if enough trust, awareness and presence has been created.

  • As long as the danger of self-judgement, self-rejection or self-abandonment is still a real threat to you, you will not see radical changes in your life.

Why only over Skype?

Skype is awesome for my clients (trust me) and is perfect to challenge any individual to open up and use their throat for clear, transparent and authentic communication. Shame for example cannot survive when you are communicating from your heart. When that is learned we are ready to embody our personal power, then find our vision, then ...

I look forward to your calling

Rise and Shine, Kai

Contact me here: helmichk@gmail.com