• Kai Helmich

How to stop the storm?

Wow what an intense time it is right now! Do you feel it too? Do you feel really challenged emotionally, your buttons being pushed all over? Maybe your relationship is tough going right now, even breaking apart or has already just broken and you may have split up! Tough things are waiting to be spoken out or already have been spoken out and of course that truth is causing a re-adjustment or even a complete change or reset for some of you. But always remember a storm is great to shake things up, to make things fall apart so that they can be re-arranged again and put back together anew in a much more refined and improved way. Things are actually falling back together again. Have faith - trust the process!

In the grander view of things this is all perfect, just right now as the storm batters our shelters, threatens our home (comfort zone) safety and security (certainty) we are faced with an important choice. "No matter what is coming at me, can I make myself safe, stay in my heart and know that there is an aspect inside of me that can make the worst of storms disapear instantly" or will I choose to continue to suffer further, stay in my mind and keep projecting outwards, adding fuel to the fire.

The truth has to be spoken sooner or later and no matter what consequences the truth will bring with it, it will be alright and if it isn't alright, it won't be the end! So just step back and see it from higher above, you may find it will lead us all more and more to wisdom, surrendering and walking our paths.

If we have trusted blindly and now it is throwing the dirt in our faces then that is the storm of your own creation. Isn't it? Can we stay present in those moments and find the lessons that the storms brings. Otherwise you will experience storm after storm, get battered, trashed and become the victim of an external source ... till one day you have enough, when consciousness kicks back in and you accept self-accountability for your own storms (drama). So again, step back from the heat, surrender and look at your own manifestation for the purpose of your own learning and personal growth.

And here comes the thing, the importance is how we actually surrender. So often we fight tooth and nails till we have completely gone into anger and rage as we stand for our opinion and be righteous to what is right and what is wrong. To what effect? Complete separation, destruction and total alienation of our loving and compassionate self. Yes the truth needs to be spoken out in an authentic way, but also it has to be accompanied by unconditional love and full-hearted compassion for ones own position and also for the other's point of view.

Relationships are not there to make us happy, rather they teach us, make us grow and expand as human beings.

Further in a positive relating style where the going gets tough because truth needs to be expressed we need to consider strongly how much empathy and directness (opinion, advise) we can bring into the conversation to have the greatest benefit from the re-adjustment or changes within the relationships. Remember those kind of relationships could also be in work, with friends or with a person within your family.

What matters is that you keep yourself warm, comfy and nurtured in those times. Don't expect that the storm is going to do that for you! Stay in your heart, love yourself in those moments utterly unconditional, STOP being so utterly hard on yourself or the othes, refrain from any self-judgement, self-rejection and or self-abandonment behaviour! Grab a hot tea (maybe with a tiny wee whiskey in it) put on a comfy onesy ("ohhh gosh, I hate those things" :-) ) and get your most favourite duvet, put on the fire, get some nourishing hot food into you and put some candles on and see how quickly the storm just howls by rather than into you. When after the storm you are back at peace, feeling calm and self-loving listen carefully to the signs, lessons and teachings. The moments of savouring or after the rush of forces are the most magical ones where we find healing, new insights and awareness.

Remember self-love? Remember that you can choose to be love at any moment of time. All you need to do is to feel your heart again and the source of abundant love that is within you - from there you will know what to do and the storm will be gone by then too. Choose love and let your heart guide you home.

If you need help in getting into your heart and making those storms STOP, then just book your Skype support session today. I look forward to your call: helmichk@gmail.com