• Kai Helmich

Travel schedule for Dublin and London

Let the storm go by and then its time to tidy up again what hasn't weathered well and needs to be fixed or re-arranged. Just like in real life!

I have a short Dublin visit coming up on the Mon 6th till Thurs 9th November. So if you are interested please book early to get your preferred time slot. If not otherwise agreed, all sessions in Dublin are held at the Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lw Baggot Street, Dublin 2. And if you want to integrate immediately from a session, then you can also book a floating session right after. "I love floating - try it for yourself"

Available times in Dublin:

Monday: only 7.30pm - 9pm

Tuesday: from 8am - 9pm

Wednesday: from 8am - 9pm

Thurs: from 8am-10.30am

Available times in London:

from Thursday 2nd Nov 12noon - Monday 6th afternoon

Locations available:

  • Elephant & Castle (Central) only available on Monday 6th November!

  • Howard Road SE25 5BY (near Norwood Junction train station)

Please note if you would like some bodywork done on these dates, then please get sure that you have had at least one intake/ coaching session with me via Skype. To contact me please send me an e-mail to: helmichk@gmail.com

All sessions are charged at €/£100/ hour and need to be booked in advance. The session is confirmed by receipt of a 50% deposit which can be paid via Credit Card (PayPal Invoice). 60min sessions are available, however for best results I recommend 90min. Bodywork sessions are between 90min and 2.5hours.

Concessions are granted on a one by one case. Please apply

For more information about me please visit www.kaihelmich.com