• Kai Helmich

Just received a reference from a man that I worked with

The rewards of having stepped up, becoming vulnerable and reaching out for support. The first step is the hardest, when communication is opened solutions are mostly not that far away. I hope that showing you this reference from another male client of mine will empower you also to come forward, to stop the silence and unnecessary suffering and get back to being your greatest version of yourself.

I am 35 years old and a very sexual person. When i discovered I had managed to generate a problem with erectile dysfunction I was extremely worried. I spoke with Kai about my situation over a 1.5 hr consultation. He helped me to realize that I had given my power away due to an overpowering ex. Once we got to the "route" of the problem he advised some reconnection techniques to help me to become owner of my own balls again. This conversation 3 days ago. I spent 2 days and nights reconnecting to myself and last night my girlfriend and I had the most amazing and steamy night of passion I have had since I was in my twenties. Kai is the man. Thank you brother. I will stand strong in my power now and shine my shaft of light stinger than ever before. Much love Kai.... A.

Also if you man is suffering please show him this reference and let him know that support is there if he is ready to accept it. I can be contacted via e-mail for skype sessions: helmichk@gmail.com . I charge €100/ 60min sessions but recommend for the initial sessions 90min for greatest depth and best results. Payment can easily been done via Paypal invoice which is creditcard suitable.