• Kai Helmich

Are you returning unconditional Love

One of the greatest gifts must be to receive the gift of unconditional love from a loved one, respected authority, group or society. Unconditional Love really says "I honour your individuality and invite you to express it fully even though it may not align with my path, taste or opinion"

And as one receives this precious gift from another, one also is asked to close the circle of receiving and giving. I actually have to say "close the circle of giving and receiving" as giving always comes first, giving meaning to serve the highest gift. We cannot receive something that we haven't got within us, even though someone will offer us something we will not be able to receive that, as we will find a fault in it, doubt it or find an excuse not to accept it as it is not originating from within us. So within, without, and if it isn't within you, it won't show up in your experience of the world. The law of resonance says that same attracts same and strengthens the same even more. Different repels each other! The stronger moves the weaker and transforms it into its own. Everybody can only attract what is his/ her frequency. Therefore our fear attracts exactly that, that we fear. Our behaviour and thoughts manifest our experience of live.

Just imagine one situation, you are deeply suspicious of the world, now suddenly someone asks you to help you carrying your shopping bags up the stairs and of course rather than seeing the helpful person that wants to pay it forward you will say NO, no thank you. I am fine, thanks! ... All because the suspicion within you will always be the stronger force and therefore will turn all good things into scenarios that the world isn't safe and can't be trusted.

So with this in mind I would like to come back to returning unconditional love! What are we actually returning you will ask? For one you could return the same gift but it is a gift unwrapped if you don't play with it! What I want to say is that if you receive unconditional love then please act on it as otherwise it is wasted and to no use. I fully understand that we need to refuel our batteries of the lack of it due to our childhood upbringing etc. where so often it was all about "as long as you sit on this table you do as you are told", but after a while when our batteries are filled and we are empowered by unconditional love then ... then we have to start rising and shining our light for all the world to see. Maybe we start rising and shining our light only in the safety of a relationship or a small group but with each expressing of ones full individuality we gain the momentum to step out there, make even bigger circles and roam out into the world - that is how we change the world. By acting out on the embodied feeling of being unconditionally loved we also create spaces for other people to act on their individuality, without fearing judgement, rejection or even abandonment.

If you experience unconditional love, soak it up for as long as you need to but be aware that you are also asked to express it in your unique and authentic way. Start communicating your creative desires, your fantasies, your dreams and if you find mutual consent with your partner - go and play it out. Turn it into reality, feel it and have the experience. Take your three best friends (playfulness, curiosity and innocence) and dare greatly! Remember unconditional love is an invitation to paint on a blank canvas, knowing that whatever the painting will look like, it will be respected and loved for what it is. A piece of art, a unique expression that creates ripple effects into the world. A shining light in the darkness that empowers others to shine theirs too.

And last but not least if the gift of unconditional love has filled your being completely then you will experience a world with so much less judgement as the heart doesn't ask any questions, only the mind does. Your heart will only want to experience life, all of its facets and opportunities. Our intuition and creative forces within us are the guiding system to serving the world, to bring our unique puzzle piece into the bigger picture. Without it the total cannot be whole as you are not whole. So within, without. Rise and shine - you matter, you are needed, you are so important.