• Kai Helmich

Wolves kill ruthlessly and because they kill without worrying they are in service.

Human's are like wolves, they can't be of service and actually can't survive by hiding in the woods, not wanting to upset anybody. The truth is they have to follow their intuition! In a never ending cycle they have to re-focus, re-commit, take to the chase and kill ruthlessly to nurture themselves, share it with their pack and actually be of service to the world. What place would the world be if wolves would worry about what the others think of them? What if they would decide to become what they aren't, just because everybody thinks that wolves are ruthless murderers who kill little bambi?

Human's are also predators in a sense that each one of us chases a unique dream, to become our fullest potential self. Our guide that has all the wisdom one needs "to live", is rooted deeply within our bodies. However follow the mind as a guide and you will end up in a flock of white sheep being herded, moved around and locked up in paddocks that doesn't belong to the real world. Yes you will feel safe for a while till you realise that you have lost your freedom, your individuality and likely the respect for yourself. When bought into the illusionary world (external power), the individual is then directed in a mass movement for the vision of those that are in charge.

On the other hand if you stay fully embodied, connected to your body and use your intuition (also known as the feminine aspect within each person) as your guide that tells you where to go and what to do next, you maintain and expand your freedom, individual expression of self and your aliveness. At times you may not gain the approval of others as you chase your dreams but as you proceed to your destination the respect of your environment will be a wonderful force that will recharge you and it will become a strong price/ currency that will allow you to trade it for other things that you may need on the way.

Both aspects on their own are really no good to get you where you want to be, but bring them together, re-connect the body with your mind and let them work for your ultimate desire (to become your fullest potential self) and you will have two complimenting parts that make up all that you are. Yes you will not always be safe in a paddock as you roam the hills and forests of this world, Yes some people will turn away from you as you chose to be different then them, but it is not about being liked rather it is about being respected for who you really are. Self-worth comes from having respect for yourself and an increasing level of self-worth triggers more self-love within you which then also manifest an environment where you are proud of who you are. You fully embody that which you are and so within, so without!

Same with the wolves, they are pretty content in who they are and what they have to do to live and by living that, they also serve the world. They are not liked by everyone, but everyone respects a wolf and in facing a wolf one cannot other than being reminded of who one is! Predator or Pray! Aren't we all wolves? Aren't we all predators that chase our unique destiny? Aren't we all made with that wolf instinct to focus on our opportunity, to take the courage and pursue the chase, claim the price, taking it in and nourishing ourselves from it, knowing that by having followed our intuition we actually shone our light or gave the highest gift to the world - to serve the world by being who one is and not by being who or what others want one to be.

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