• Kai Helmich

Why you should buy your teenage son the #1 male sextoy in the world

Dear men and fathers, I would like to invite you to imagine, you are back in your early teens and a liberated and empowered father or mother would approach you and present you with a gift box. Many years later you would come to realise the power of this gift but also you would then understand that the biggest gift on that day had been the courage of your mum and/ or your father to be different, to speak openly and communicate without shame and guilt about human sexuality and our amazing connection that we could have if we would chose our bodies as our friend and ally. The conversations that were light-hearted, playful, full of innocence and curiosity with an invitation to ask any questions that you may wanted some answers on.

The gift turned out to be a tube of water-based lube and a plastic container sleeve with a silicone vagina built into it. The box announced it as a Flashlight (the #1 men's sextoy). The flashlight would become your friend and trusted trainingspartner for you to explore your changing body and sexual energy in safety and with much added and increasing levels of pleasure each time you would use the flashlight mindfully.

  • You would find out about your pleasure scale, you would have learned to dance with your passion, excitement and arousal within a particular safe area of that scale without being forced into ejaculation.

  • You would have increased your capacity to feel more, much more on lower levels and also understood to edge the highest.

  • You would have learned to express and regulate your desire and arousal through your pelvic movement of thrusting into the flashlight rather than using the monotonous forwards and backwards movement of your hand holding your pelvis locked in one fixed position, making you a pressure cooker, ready to burst.

  • You also would have learned to keep staying inside the flashlight, recovering from your high arousal energy without pulling out or ejaculating out of sink with your partner which also may have prevented by then an increasing sense of separation between you and your lover.

  • You even would have learned that in stillness there is much to be felt, that it also works just by being still at times rather than having to do something continuously (ie. to move).

But for most of your future gain, happiness and pleasure the flashlight taught you that sexual energy is about working it, dancing with the joy and expressing it to find peace and fulfilment as you squeeze out every ounce of feeling/ sensation and prolong each experience as much as you can, rather than about a quick hot blooded action where one quickly looses control and is being forced into an addictive process of a rapid and forced ejaculation whilst also releasing fears, anxiety and boredom in an attempt to cope with live's pressures or to make oneself feel better - at least for a while.

Who would you have become if you could have counted on your valuable member as a strong ally that would stand by your side, free of shame and guilt, fully sensitive and connected to your heart whilst working in harmony with body and mind. Wouldn't it have made you stand taller at times, more confident and sure of your own sense of what it means to be a man. Would you have maybe become even more successful, working less hours, spending more time with your family and feeling more fulfilled knowing who you are, not having to prove yourselves excessively in your professional arena as an overcompensation for your lack of personal worth and manliness?

If you have only the slightest of agreement and or consideration with what point I want to make with this article then you should take no chances and just buy your teenage son a fleshlight. Even better, no matter what, buy yourself one too and test it out for yourself.