• Kai Helmich

The Three Circles ritual - a Group ... What ritual????

If you have gone to the Bliss Festival a couple of years ago then you may have heard from the nearly 90 participating people that took part in this liberating Three Circles Ritual. Yes, its a mindful Group Masturbation Ritual!

If we can take our triggers and judgements by side for a moment and actually consider what benefit and healing would come from taking part in such a group workshop.

1., As it is a solo workshop, no touch with other participants is exchanged during the proceeding which gives a certain space of:

  • personal privacy

  • security

  • and safety.

However because sexually charged environments never have been safe in most of our pasts, this creates a new reference point where one is called to hold a safe space for themselves. This is crucial in partaking in real life as the world will always keep ploughing along, through time and space but it is in how much safety and security one can provide for oneself that makes all the difference to how we experience our world around us.

2., I can educate, give information out, show tools and exercises to those that want to learn but if they go home and practice in their tightly locked four walls, then they still entertain the silent killer of shame. Shame (I am not good enough) needs three ingredients to survive:

  • Secrecy

  • Silence

  • Judgement

However if a group of people that feel called by the desire to experience such a scenario come together and they all are lead with a shame-free, respectful and non-judgemental approach then the experience can be profound for each participant. Clear, open and transparent communication is highest priority in this liberating process. And many will come away with a feeling about what all the fuss was about nakedness and the shame about our sexuality.

3., The Three Circles Ritual is a ritual that invites everybody to express themselves (within the boundaries and limitations of the ritual), to witness others/ to be seen fully and to celebrate their uniqueness, their aliveness and their right for being a sexual being in their own right.

4., Male participants will maybe have the first time in their life a sexual experience that is not about ejaculating or performance, rather that is about engaging, building, managing and even dancing with sexual energy without having a goal or expectation attached to it. All that one is asked, is to feel all that one can feel at that moment of time and express that, which one feels.

5., An experience with same sex participants in the room can relief much fear of homophobia and actually participate in building a sense of brother and sisterhood to those that have shared the experience with each other. It truly is a bonding experience if you step deep down into uncertainty, vulnerability and even into your own fear with some strangers and come out of it beaming of light and glowing from a cocktail of oxytocin's and endorphin's (happyness hormons).

If that sounds like the right path for you to take then you can experience the Three Circles Ritual for yourself on Sunday 3rd September in Dublin.

For more information or to book your ticket check out the webpage: www.kaihelmich.com/3cr

If you have any questions or are concerned about your suitability please don't hesitate to contact me: helmichk@gmail.com