• Kai Helmich

Dublin Solo-Tantra 1.0, Sun 3. Sept.

I am now taking bookings for another Solo-Tantra 1.0 Intro workshop on Sunday 3. September from 10am - 1pm at The Harvest Moon Centre, Dublin 2. Please book early as spaces are limited.

This thought-after workshop for beginners and pro's alike invites you to re-connect with the whole of yourself, your sexuality, your heart, your energetic body and your intuition. Self-love, self-compassion and self-touch are some of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves.

In this experiential Intro workshop you will learn about somatics, mindful self-love/ pleasuring practice ie. mindful masturbation). I will share with you information and practical exercises including breathwork, somatic movement, full body stimulation, different kinds of genital touch, understanding masturbation habitual patterning and how to change it. You will learn how to build your own daily practice based on breath, sound and movement, touch, focus, pelvic floor muscle engagement, intention and moving sexual energy around the entire body.

There is a saying that I personally fully support because it has been true for me and for many clients that I have worked with: "if you change the way how you masturbate, you change your life". I invite you to do the same!

For more info or to book your place: www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra1